Big Brother 10: 8/19 Recap

Posted by johnnysweeptheleg

Renny’s nominations as HOH have certainly gotten her out from under the radar. Memphis and Dan don’t trust her after her decision to keep Ollie off the block, and even Keesha — Renny’s closest ally — doesn’t fully trust her anymore. The POV competition is important for every single player in this house.

Ollie wants in because people forget he’s even in the house he wants to take his friend (with benefits) off the block. Dan and Memphis want Ollie out of the POV because they know this, and that Ollie won’t be the one to replace her if he wins POV. As luck of the draw would have it, Ollie gets to participate. The backyard is made to look like some haunted graveyard, with mummies, snakes, cockroaches, and voodoo dolls all on display. All it’s missing is a garden gnome, and you truly have evil incarnate back there. Houseguests get five minutes to examine all of the items before they will be quizzed.

POV winner will need 3 points. Each HG will give a number answer to the question, and after hearing everyone’s answers, that HG will choose to STAY or FOLD. Only those who choose to stay will win a point or be kicked out, depending on how close or far they are to the real answer. Jerry jumps out to a quick lead by winning the first two rounds. His second correct answer even eliminates April, his blockmate. But then Dan decides to quit throwing competitions and step his game up, in order to save himself or Memphis from going on the block. I like Dan’s game. He’s smart. Dan plays this the way you play poker. He reads the person, and plays the person rather than the cards. This allows Dan to come from behind and win the POV.

Dan’s POV victory is great for numerous reasons.

For one, it affords April the opportunity to resort to bribery. Only on Big Brother can you hear a person talk about having $5,000 in gold bars that she is willing to give to another in order to save them. It sounds like the plot from a draft of Die Hard With a Vengeance.

We also get to see Jerry backpedal on his Judas remarks. But in his defense, Jerry is a self-proclaimed street fighter. I guess I always saw Jerry as more of a Mortal Kombat fan than Street Fighter. Finish Him! Oh. What? He isn’t talking about former arcade games? Sorry. My bad.

Before Dan makes any decision, he begins quizzing his houseguests. He asks April flat out if Ollie made a deal with Renny. She tells Dan no and gives her own hypothesis on him not being nominated — yet can’t make eye contact the entire time. In cards, we call this a tell. April mentions that she does have money in the house that she could offer, along with her word. Next, Dan goes to Renny to find out where her head is, if he takes down any nominations. She also denies making a deal with Ollie, but tells Dan that she likes Ollie and she just had no reason to nominate him.

Come time for the POV ceremony, and it’s no surprise that Dan decides not to use it. The risk of Renny putting Memphis up is too high, so Dan keeps noms as is. However, he does throw in a nice dig about being offered a bribe, which will cause the rest of the house to begin talking.

And April promises to begin acting “like a bitch” if she knows she doesn’t have the votes to stay. Wait. Begin?