Big Brother 10: 8/17 Recap

Posted by johnnysweeptheleg

Viewers tune in to Big Brother for the drama, not for everything to be all lollipops. But by the end of last night’s episode, that’s what it was. Lollipops. Literally.

To start the episode, all Ollie and April want to do is friend each other. From what I’ve heard about the live feeds, they make like Lionel Richie and friend all night long. But Jerry’s been around lately, every time they want to friend. Even when they leave the room, and run to a bedroom, moments later, Jerry will meander over their way, and crash their party. Jerry’s like a parent whose 14-year-old daughter has her boyfriend over. He won’t allow any doors to be closed, and he has to have them in his direct vision at all times.

Speaking of two friends, although friends who aren’t physically friending in the house, Keesha and Memphis are becoming closer allies, and current HOH Renny does not like it. She tells Keesha as much. And when sitting down with Michelle to work potential deals for next week, points out that she sees the closeness between people like Keesha and Memphis, as well as April and Ollie.

The next day, it’s time for the Food Competition. Ollie, Memphis, and Jerry compete against April, Michelle, and Dan. Loser is on slop for the week. Although, in this competition, even when you win, you lose. Because the way you win is by eating either slop, crickets, or pig ears. Dan and Michelle both down some crickets. Memphis forces down some pig ears for his team. Michelle eats pig ears all the time, so it isn’t so difficult for her. By the end, it’s all tied up and comes down to April, the vegetarian, having to eat three pig ears to win for her team. She does, and Ollie, Memphis, and Jerry are on slop for the week.

However, America has voted the losers to be able to eat one more food all week. And yes, that food is lollipops. And lots of them. How long until they crunch up the lollipops and mix with slop for Sloppipops? Or at least, that’s how I’d do it if I was in the house.

The night before nominations, Renny’s room has a revolving door (NOTE: This is where, if Jessie was still in the house, I could have made a remark about it needing to be called an evolving door, due to the Cromagnon in the house … see my pain?). Everyone comes up to talk noms, and Renny gives everyone the same question. “What do you think about being a pawn?” Dan, Memphis, Michelle, and Keesha each get this question, and not too surprisingly, nobody is jumping for joy. It’s assumed that April will go up, but Renny wants to cover herself with the second nomination and not anger too many people on the other side. The problem with this, though, is telling everyone in your alliance that you want to sacrifice them to save face with potential jury members. Not the smartest move, showing your people that you’ll let them dangle on the hook when push comes to shove.

But Renny decides to give Ollie one shot to talk to her about his game plan and why he shouldn’t go up. Ollie admits that he and April are friends … but that he’s here to play the game and win. He points out that Jerry should be the one to go up as number two, since he’s a floater and did nominate Renny in week one.

At the nomination ceremony, we see that Ollie’s talk did some good. Not only did it keep him off the block, but Jerry did go up as the number two. Unfortunately for April, however, she remains as the other nominee.

Overall, another mediocre-at-best installment. However, with Jessie gone, Ollie filled in nicely with his own “Moment of Stupidity.”

Upon revealing that he has a dire fear of birds, he explains its origin came from seeing the ALBERT HITCHAHK movie. Yes, he manages to butcher both, the man’s first and last name. Somewhere Alfred Hitchcock is spinning in his grave. If, y’know, dead bodies did that sort of thing.

Next week, Ollie will explain Alfred Einstern’s theories of relativity.