"Highway 18" Quick Nine: Off To The Races

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Highway 18

1. “I love you, man!” Thanks to Andy hitting his shot in the target at the horse farm, the two guys get a nice head start on the other teams on their way to Daytona. Parker professes his love for Andy, and their budding bromance will be an intriguing subplot for the rest of the series.

2. The Ashleys’ airbags have deployed. Golf is such a mental game. One bad shot can get in your head and lead to many more bad shots. The Ashleys are in a state of panic during the golf challenges, and they’re second-guessing themselves. Just how messed up are they? They’re giving the OnStar operator headaches, and those people are trained to deal with panicky accident victims.

3. The wheels on the bus go nowhere. Thanks to a train and a schoolbus that has to stop at railroad crossings (annoying!), the Ashleys get caught up to Peach and Jay and Rob and Charlotte on the road to Daytona. The Ashleys pull an aggressive move to get around the bus, but Rob cuts them off. Peach seems stuck behind the bus (they never really give you a sense of where the cars are on the road here) and gets caught by the light.

4. Jameica and Raul are on the comeback trail. After getting a strike in the first episode, these two have played some nice golf and seem to be in a groove with the game. They overtake Andy and Parker at Daytona International Raceway, thanks to Jameica hitting King Richard Petty’s racecar with all three of her shots. Raul only has to do one lap around the track, and they’re first on the road to LPGA International. Since they arrived first and won the clubhouse challenge, they’re getting immunity in next week’s episode.

5. Can OnStar help your short game? Rob and Charlotte didn’t consult OnStar like the Ashleys did, and they got some bad directions to LPGA International. They couldn’t make up ground on the clubhouse challenge. So here’s a lesson to all: Subscribe to OnStar. It could save you from being eliminated on a reality show. … Oh, and I suppose it might also save your life someday.

6. Do the twist. Ah, here’s the twist we’re looking for. Rob and Charlotte arrive last, but they don’t get a strike against them. This clubhouse challenge is off the clock. All the other teams are bellyaching about it, but they don’t know that the winner of the next challenge gets immunity in the next episode. And when they find out that Rob and Charlotte don’t get a strike, only a time penalty on the next show, you can hear the groans.

7. I stunk, but I’m pretty sure my partner birdied. Seemed to be what every competitor said when they finished the clubhouse challenge. Can anyone on this show putt under pressure?

8. The pinky swear means nothing. Ashley and Ashleigh made a pinky swear this morning that they wouldn’t get all worked up. But these two cry at everything. Ashley hits a bad shot, she cries. Ashleigh hits a good shot, she cries. Ashley hits the best drive of her life, she cries. Rob and Charlotte don’t get a strike? They both cry.

9. I’m ready for someone to go home. So Raul and Jameica don’t even have to show up next week. They can just hang out on the beach. (Raul likes that there’ll be no running.) But heading into the fourth episode, the Ashleys are the only team that can go home. Seems like the stakes should be a lot higher at this point in the series.

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