Big Brother 10: 8/10 Recap

Posted by johnnysweeptheleg

Well I’m glad to see that the more things change, the more they stay the same in this house. Just as the show ended on Thursday night, on Sunday the hamsters are still fighting. Although suddenly, April and Michelle are BFFs. Funny what winning an HOH will do for your approval rating.

Before HOH keys have even been exchanged, the yelling begins. Anytime Jerry attempts to shout at someone, with the hoarseness and strain on his voice, I’m waiting for him to raise his cane and shuffle after houseguests who have walked across his lawn. After metaphorically trampling Jerry’s tulips, Dan is now public enemy number one to him. Jerry rants about Dan hiding behind his cross. This will come up again. Then the HGs move inside the house, and the arguing continues.

April calls out Libra for swearing on her kids that she would keep Jessie. Libra freaks and says she never swore on her kids about that. Jerry chimes in by calling Libra a dummy. I dunno, Jerry, you’re losing me lately. I dislike Libra as much as the next … but dummy? What’s next, calling her a poopy-head?

By the time Michelle unlocks her HOH room, the butt-kissing has kicked into high gear. April needs Costco to airdrop bulk-amounts of chapstick by the end of it. Memphis later remarks to Dan, who has done a good job of faux-sulking since HOH, how much he despises the phoniness. Meanwhile, Jerry is still sticking with his “hiding behind the cross” protest chants.

Is he, Jerry? I don’t know. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen Dan use religion in the game, yet. And how is this any different from Jerry taking off his Marine-wear and voting against the word he gave to Brian? Hello, Pot? I have Kettle on the other line. Do you accept the charges?

Finally it’s time for the Food Competition, and we can get away from the screeching and finger-pointing.

A houseguest from each of the earlier seasons will compete against the current houseguests in a news-themed competition. Chicken George, Bunky, Amy, Jun, Jase, Janelle, Boogie, Jen, and Matty will play for money, while the current HGs will compete for food. Brian, from the current season, hosts and poses news stories that may or may not have happened while the hamsters have been locked away.

Dan competes first, and takes on Boogie, as he’s told that Brett Favre has unretired and was traded to the New York Jets. Of course this can’t be true! Well, anyone with a television knows how this played out over the last few weeks. The competition continues this same way. Jerry chooses to take on Janelle, and instantly, we realize why they’ve sequestered the current HGs indoors while the past folks are outside — Jerry acts like a guy who’s been on a deserted island and hasn’t seen a woman in decades. I found myself wishing that Jase, Boogie, and Janelle were all in the house. Those were houseguests who had some substance to their scheming; unlike the current HGs who just scream and yell. Chess players, compared to the checkers players of now. In the end, five of the next seven days, the houseguests will be on slop. Once again, advantage old houseguests.

We’re lucky for this competition, because the rest of the episode was anticlimactic. Memphis tries putting in a good word with Michelle that Dan has no alliance, and they should keep him around. Renny tries working on Keesha’s behalf to keep her off the block — by telling Michelle to put up April instead. But her excessive eye-rolling and utter lack of ability in reading people, makes her sit-down with Michelle a futile effort. In fact, I think she did more harm than good.

By the time nominations roll around, it turns out exactly as we expected. Keesha and Libra are put up, with Libra being the main target for the week. And should any of them get the POV, I wouldn’t doubt that Danny Boy will fill that void.

With the predictable nature at hand lately, do you think Big Brother is contemplating some sort of twist to shake this game up? I say protein shake it up, and put Jessie back in the house. Just so I have material to blog about, again!