Big Brother 10: 8/7 Recap

Posted by johnnysweeptheleg

It’s a sad day for yours truly. This morning, I’m pouring out a little protein shake for a fallen houseguest. But our tears have gotten us ahead of ourselves. Let’s see how we got there, first.

Libra and Keesha have had enough of Jessie’s antics, and decide they want him out more than Memphis. So they try to sway April. They point out that by keeping Jessie, two members of their alliance will be targets next week. But April won’t budge. Therefore, Libra and Keesha decide to flip things and go against her wishes.

Dan is the key to everything. The house is split three to three, so his vote will determine everything. Little do they know, America really has the say. Keesha and Libra gather Memphis and Dan, and tell them their plan. Dan agrees to it. Moments later, Jerry confronts Dan to make sure he’s still on their side, with keeping Jessie. He confirms with Jerry.

During all of this, Jessie is sleeping. One of the main gripes of the house is that all Jessie does is eat and sleep. Kinda sounds like my cat.

For once, Julie’s Q&A session with the houseguests has some substance. The ChenBot asks Libra the question Michelle and the rest of the BB viewership was wondering … why a mother would take a Hawaiian trip over a letter from her family. Libra puts on a world-class phony smile and says her husband would’ve been upset if she didn’t take it. No mention of what it would’ve meant to her children, though, to have been able to communicate with their mother for the first time in a month. And this year’s recipient of Mother of the Year Award goes to … not Libra, who finishes just behind Baby Jessica’s mother.

Julie gets a private chat with April in the HOH room, and asks about Ollie. April says Ollie is her best friend in the house. Obviously, from the live feeds, a best friend with benefits. Hey now!

But then it’s time for the live vote. And sadly, America has chosen to vote out Jessie, and rob me of all of my material for this blog. Lucky for Jessie, he is once again sleeping when the news is announced, so his houseguests have to make like Lilliputians and carry Gulliver out of the house. Ok, that didn’t happen, but I wanted to take advantage of one more goof on Jessie while I could.

I’m really surprised the houseguests can’t figure out who’s going to be voting what, just based on the order that BB calls the houseguests in to vote.

Anyway, it’s time to crown a new HOH.

The night prior, the houseguests had been woken up all night with recorded messages by BB stalkers fans. This was all a set-up for the HOH competition titled “Rude Awakening.” In it, houseguests must vote True or False on statements supposedly made by these fans. Within three minutes, the competition is over and Michelle is the winner. Dan looks like he’s seen a ghost, and knows he’s going to be on the block. And Ollie and April realize their time is limited, which will probably cause them to be best-friending even more than usual while they still have the chance.

In closing, I’ll leave you all with one final golden Jessie moment from tonight.

When playing the word association game with Julie, he is asked what’s the first word that comes to mind when she says Jerry. Jessie’s response? “In really good shape.” And for Libra … “Very deviant.”

God bless you, Jessie. You’ll be missed at this blog.