Big Brother 10: Episode 8 Recap

Posted by johnnysweeptheleg

Angie and the T-Rex are on the block this week, and the two have completely different approaches to staying in the house one more week.

Angie has taken the recommendation from people who have survived bear attacks, and remains very still in the hopes that people will forget Angie is even in the house. Jessie, on the other hand, has taken the recommendation from all of the men who have been unexpectedly dumped by a woman, and refuses to let go. Followed by lots of whining.

Jessie has planted the seed of thought in Keesha’s mind that Libra is orchestrating everything. The problem is, he overwaters that seed (just as I’ve flooded use of this metaphor). He tries to Kaiser Soze Keesha and tell her that it goes all the way back to his HOH and that Libra called all of the shots in his nominations, too. Wait, Jessie, I thought you said you were physically and mentally strong? So how were you unable to resist Libra’s supposed orchestrating? You can’t have it both ways. And there’s a hint of Keesha connecting these same dots.

Speaking of seeds, the POV competition was flower-themed. The nominees, HOH, as well as Libra, Ollie, and Memphis were dressed as flowers, and forced to lie in a flowerbed as close to an hour without going over, as possible. During this time, a constant stream of water dripped onto the participants’ foreheads. The old Chinese water torture. After a while, live worms were added atop the HGs. Ollie began squirming more than the worms. According to the son of a preacher man, anything without legs that moves is cursed.

You know what else is cursed? Guys who start showmances and begin thinking with the wrong … and this just in, Keesha drops out of the competition. Jessie continues running his mouth the entire time, and gets Libra talking. If there’s anyone whose mouth gets them in more trouble than Jessie, it’s Libra. Speaking of talking trash, it’s about the time that compost is added to the flowerbed, that Libra drops out. To Jessie’s credit, he makes a smart move. He leaves immediately after Libra, so that she can’t be the one closest to an hour without going over. Angie, Ollie, and Memphis all follow soon thereafter. Turns out, Keesha is the only person who didn’t go over the hour mark, and she wins the POV by default. She holds all the power this week.

After the comp, Angie and Jessie separately attempt to convince Keesha to take Jessie off the block in exchange for Libra. During Angie’s session, she points out that Libra was instrumental in pushing for Steven to leave. Jessie’s method is a little different. But in his defense, his life is at stake.

If Jessie stays on the block this week, essentially, he could die. Look how unhealthy this week has been for poor Jess. “I’ve lost six pounds in two days!” exclaims Jessie, on more than one occasion. “Look at what this is doing to me!” I didn’t want to say anything, but I was thinking that Jessie was looking very Keira Knightley over the last couple of days. If Keesha doesn’t save him with the POV, he could become The Machinist by morning.

For a guy whose health has taken a toll by being on the block, he sure becomes excitable easily enough. After running into Keesha’s room on multiple occasions to sway her vote, Keesha finally reveals her “word alliance,” as I like to call it, with Libra. She gave her word to Libra on day four, and she’s now forced to stick with it. For better or worse. This is fine. But Keesha decides to march around the house, looking an emotional wreck, and proclaim said Word Alliance to every house guest. Not figuratively. Literally. Keesha does realize she isn’t a Lifetime HOH, right? Is it really that smart to reveal to the entire house, what your alliance is? Next week’s nominations just became a little clearer, already.

The Memphis, Jessie, and Michelle alliance decide to make one last attempt at flipping the house. After a plane flies over with a banner, MJM claim that they saw the banner prior to being sent to lock-down, and that it came from Steve warning the house that Libra is a liar. It’s a flimsy attempt, at best. But it does somehow get Memphis to explode at Jerry and call him out for his “Memphis is a womanizer” comment from earlier in the episode.

Memphis tries getting in Jerry’s face with screaming and threatening, while Jerry, a former Marine, sits back calmly with his arms behind his head, and contemplates the 47 ways he could dismantle Memphis in just under eight seconds.

While the POV meeting gives no surprises, with nominations staying as is, this episode did at least give us hope that the house is finally becoming the volatile dungeon of dysfunction we all were hoping for.

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