"Highway 18" Quick Nine: The Journey Begins

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Highway 18

We’re ready to tee off our recaps of GOLF CHANNEL’s Highway 18 reality competition series. Following each episode of the series, we’re going to give you nine highlights, observations, predictions or snarky comments. We’re going to go out on a limb here and assume that if you’re checking out our blog here, you’ve already seen the episode and don’t need shot-by-shot recaps. Oh yeah, there will be spoilers, so you’ve been warned.

Before hitting the Quick Nine on the premiere episode, aptly titled “The Journey Begins,” we’ll introduce the contestants:

Andy and Parker

Andy Crain and Parker King
They talk funny, party hard and play a mean game of golf. These good ole boys from Goldsboro, N.C., give each other nonstop grief, have crushes on each other’s sisters and would do anything to help each other in a bind.

The Ashleys

Ashley Davis and Ashleigh Korzack (a.k.a The Ashleys, A&A or Shley & Shleigh)
Self-professed “ditsy blondes,” they coordinate their outfits and want you to believe they are more interested in their looks than their golf game – all while hoping no one notices how competitive they are and how well they perform on the golf course.

Peach and Jay
Peach Reynolds and Jay Reynolds
Father-son duo coming from a close-knit family but often have different ideas on what is best for Jay’s professional golf career.

Rob and Charlotte

Rob Campbell and Charlotte Campbell
A brother-sister tandem and a pair of Type A perfectionists that are determined to scheme and play their way to the title.

Raul and Jameica

Raul Cendoya and Jameica Duncombe
Two friends who have built a cross-generational friendship in a short amount of time cemented by humor, support and some on-course hustling.

Highway 18 Quick Nine: The Journey Begins

1. Raul and Jameica are not so good with the directions. You’d think two Florida natives would be able to read maps and road signs a little better in their home state. Not so. They blow a pretty big lead missing the exit to the World Golf Hall of Fame. Bogey.

2. Raul and Jameica are not so good with the running, either. These two are not fleet of foot, plodding around the golf course like two walruses. It’s really going to hurt them. Jameica does notice that Ashley can run like a gazelle. Jameica calls Ashley a “Speedy Gonzalez” — ah, there’s nothing quite like busting out an ethnic caricature with your Hispanic partner right there. Double bogey.

3. We’re in for some really bad golf. I’m sure all these contestants are pretty good golfers when they’re not facing the pressure of the clock and a lot of running around. But it takes most teams forever to even par their hole at TPC Sawgrass, and they really make some awful shots. But I know how they feel — if there’s a faster foursome close behind my group, I start to rush things and it really wrecks my game. Bogey.

4. Arnold Palmer is made of wax. You may not have known this, but Arnold Palmer has been preserved in paraffin wax and is a permanent exhibit in the World Golf Hall of Fame. Rob remarks that he thought at first that it was a wax figure of Arnie standing there. I had the same thought. Par.

5. The Ashleys are not impressed with your seven majors. Arnie breaks out the “I won seven majors” pickup line on the Ashleys, and they do not bite. They seem more like, “Hurry up and read us our question, gramps.” Bogey.

6 . The Ashleys overestimate the knowledge of World Golf Hall of Fame patrons. So rather than looking for the answers to their trivia question by going to the actual exhibits in the museum, the Ashleys decide they’re going to waste valuable time going from visitor to visitor asking the mostly elderly and befuddled patrons if they know the answer to the question. Brilliant, ladies! Bogey.

7. The road signs at TPC Sawgrass don’t mean squat. Keep this in mind if you ever go to TPC Sawgrass: That “Bar Code Only” lane sign at the entrance is a load of crap. Bogey.

8. Did Rob say “Fo’ shizzle”? Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the World’s Whitest Man. Birdie.

9. I have a crush on Charlotte. I know the Ashleys are here to sex the show up a little, but I kind of dig Charlotte more. She’s attractive, she’s good at golf, she’s focused, she’s ruthless and possibly a bit psycho. I suspect she would bludgeon her brother with a Callaway if it meant winning this game. Sexy! Birdie!

Photos: Credit: Mark Ashman/GOLF CHANNEL

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  1. Hmmm…..let’s see how much of a genius you are! Raul and Jameica are from South Florida!! Why should they know anything about the roads of St. Augustine, which is near Jacksonville??? They live in Ft. Lauderdale…you know near Miami… couldn’t get any further South! And if you noticed in the show, they caught up with the 2 Ashleys at the gate but got unlucky with that white van.
    Why do we have to mention the “ethnicity” of her comment?? Why…because they are both “minorities”? I can bet that comment had nothing to do with race. Sounds like you may be the one with the “race” issue.
    I think the only thing I can agree with you on is that Charlotte is cute. She is a total package. I personally can see me getting sick of the Ashley girls.

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