Big Brother 10: Episode 4 Recap

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The Episode 3 recap couldn’t happen, as Johnny Lawrence was out of the office representing the Cobra Kai dojo. Here it is, down and dirty in EP3: Brian was kicked out. Renny and Jessie continued to squabble on live TV. Jessie landed HOH. Done.

It’s Episode 4 on Sunday night where true colors began to show through the houseguests. Case in point — Jessie. Jessie has let the power go to his meathead. My brother made the greatest observation. Jessie looks like George Michael Bluth on Arrested Development, when George Michael decides to wear the muscle suit under his clothing. After this episode, I am actually disturbed by Jessie. He’s a man child. Not only does he look like a child with a man’s body, but he’s as emotionally undeveloped as a child. More on that, later.

Paranoia has already set in, in the BB house. Dan and Angie are scared. And for good reason. They’re two of the three people who lobbied to keep Brian in the house, to no avail. Jessie is still obsessed with Renny, though, and wants her out. But Libra is following the exact line of thought that I figured the house would have — Renny is a waste of a vote. She can be picked off at any time. Why use up your HOH like that?

The Jessie HOH reveal is just classic. Nearly every picture consists of Jessie posing. His room is just his gym id incarnate. Not only do we, the viewers, and the houseguests get forced into looking at picture after picture of the same thing, but Jessie gives us the audio commentary track as well. And not even the cool audio commentary track like you get in From Dusk Till Dawn, as Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have you rolling around laughing at their observation. No. We get to hear about how cut his back muscles were 40 pounds ago. And how shredded his abs were. I can’t believe I’m writing about “cut” and “shredded” anything, and not talking about meat or wheat. Jessie commented, “It felt good to show off.” America responded … oh I’m sorry, America fell asleep during his HOH tour and was unavailable for comment.

Before the Food Competition even began, emotions were high. April, Libra, Renny, Jerry, Memphis and Keesha were on one of the teams. April and Libra became instantly upset that they were on the same team as the two oldest houseguests. It didn’t get much better for them. Although, Renny and Jerry were not to blame. In the comp, wine was flowing from barrels, and each team had to find corks to plug the holes. Meanwhile, the other team will catch the wine in their glasses and attempt to fill their wine bottles. Dan and Angie prove to be great competitors. Or closet alcoholics. They carry their team to victory. Being faced with the daunting task of being on slop for the second week in a row, April and Libra begin fighting over the loss. Even the Mona Lisa is falling apart.

The night before nominations, Dan sits down with the yoked up Scott Wolf Jessie and tries to swing his loyalty with Brian, over to Jessie. He tells him he stayed loyal to Brian, to the end, even though he knew there was no saving him. He would do the same for Jessie. It makes sense.

Nice try. But no dice. At the nomination ceremony, Jessie nominates Dan and Steven. Dan, because of his alliance with Brian. Steven because … and I can’t believe I have to type this … Steven didn’t come up to look at Jessie’s HOH room. Renny is a loud mouth. But she’s right. Jessie has some growing up to do. Thinking I had seen and heard it all for the episode, viewers of the end credit sequence were treated to an easter egg.

The easter egg being Jessie going up to the Diary Room camera and flexing, while telling the camera they probably couldn’t get all 18 inches of his biceps in frame. Most heartwrenching of all — you could tell he honestly believes it.

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