It’s Emmy time. Do you know where “The Wire” noms are?

Posted by SH

The Emmys continue blazing down their path to irrelevance by again missing their final chance to honor one of the best shows television has ever produced. That’s 0 for 5, people, with no more chances to get it right, since “The Wire” finished its five-year run this spring. Scoring a lone nomination for writing, that brings the HBO crime drama’s grand total over its life span to 2. By contrast, “Boston Legal” — which long has followed a Shatner-dropping-trou, Spader-giving-impassioned-closing-argument cycle — received 7, including one for best drama series. In fact, James Spader has won more Emmys for playing Alan Shore than “The Wire” has total nominations. I say all this as a regular “BL” watcher, incidentally. Catch the new season starting Sept. 22.

The inexplicable snubbing had become an industry-wide joke to the point that news that “The Wire” was even in the running for nominations this year was notable.

I know many are happy with the recognition given other cable shows who got recognition — fine shows like “Mad Men,” “Damages,” “Breaking Bad” — but it really is pathetic the way this played out. Who knows why these things happen? Variety did some digging a few years back and came up with some interesting answers, none of which was very flattering to Emmy voters. They range from simple-mindedness to weak stomachs to provincial viewing habits.

Every awards list will be excoriated for what it didn’t include, but in the case of “The Wire,” the neglect is more regrettable because some Emmy recognition might have persuaded more people to tune in. Then they could have seen for themselves what a fine show it was, instead of listening to blowhards like me constantly telling them that they don’t know what they’re missing.

I have an eerie feeling fans of “Friday Night Lights” and “Battlestar Galactica” will be writing similar blog posts a year from now.