Big Brother 10: Episode 2 Recap

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Big Brother 10_Girls Big Brother is the poker table of life. It’s filled with bluffs. Players making moves. And oftentimes, it’s better to play the person and not the cards you’ve been dealt. But after two episodes, there isn’t a person at the table who hasn’t shown their poker face already. Come on, after 10 seasons, haven’t these people learned anything?!

Brian could be the strongest player in the house. But he plays his cards far from the vest, and everyone at the table sees what he’s holding. Throughout BB history, players have tried playing the entire house. But Brian is using the same lines on everyone. And with this many people still in the house, you know people are going to begin talking and comparing notes.

Going into the POV competition, the Renny/Jessie storyline is still the tale of the house. Renny continues to run off at the mouth, and Jessie continues to mope around because Renny didn’t apologize for waking him up. Even though she really did apologize about five minutes after it happened. When you’re stuck in a house with TV cameras, these things become larger than life, evidently.

And by Larger Than Life, I do not mean the Bill Murray elephant flick, or the Backstreet Boys song, thank you.

The POV competition had great potential, initially. Everyone in pajamas and nighties. The object was to find your Veto Bear hidden in the pillows matching your pajama colors. Unfortunately, HGs then had to climb through honey, which caused pillow feathers to stick to them like chickens. BB obviously wants Jessie in the house a little longer, as a competition consisting of tearing open pillows and fighting your way through sticky honey is custom-built for a body-builder. And so it goes, Jessie wins the POV.

Brian figures he’ll just have Jerry nominate Memphis, the obvious next-strongest competitor. But April, Libra and Hooters (her nickname because she works at Hooters … y’know, not because … oh well …) have figured out the alliance of Brian, Ollie and Dan. And I have to give them credit, not only have they figured that out, they know that alliance’s entire thought-process. And that is to have all the girls systematically vote out the guys’ toughest physical threats — Jessie and Memphis. That way, once the biggest physical threats are gone, the guys can get rid of the women. Well played, ladies. Well played.

April gets Ollie to roll over on his alliance, and he squeals like Henry Hill, while still coming off golden, somehow. They realize the only thing to do is to get the entire house, except Dan and Brian, to confront Jerry in the HOH bedroom and convince him that if Jerry does not nominate Brian, the hellmouth will open up and swallow the souls of all in the BB house.

Or something to that effect.

While BB producers like you to think Jerry is upset with them giving him an ultimatum (because guys hate ultimatums, right?) and feels threatened, at the POV ceremony, Jerry goes with the group. Brian is blindsided to find that Jerry is putting him up in Jessie’s place. And this episode recap is adjourned.

Random Thoughts

– Jerry positioned himself well with his replacement nomination speech. He does what the house wants. But on the flipside, should Brian somehow weasel out and stay, his speech kept him in Brian’s good graces. Jerry eloquently pointed out how everyone came to him to tell him about Brian’s game play, and essentially put the blood on their hands.

– Does anyone still know the “Gay Cowboy’s” name? Seriously. In two episodes, I’ve barely heard his name mentioned.

– Brian being voted out is the best thing that can happen to Dan. And I say this as a person who is a non Dan-Fan. But Dan’s game play is just like Brian’s. Except Dan flies under the radar with his scheming. If he keeps his mouth shut, he’ll be able to infiltrate the other alliance. But I give that only a week before he says something stupid.

– Anyone else think that Renny is safe for the next five weeks? I mean, who wants to waste their HOH week kicking her out, when you know you could get rid of her at any time? I could see her floating for a while, now, just like Sheila last year.

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