Ashton and Company Come Knockin’

Posted by RabbitEars

ABC is somewhat on its way to becoming known as the “anti-FOX” when it comes to reality shows, with many of its programs being fairly family-friendly and not in the business of embarrassing or psychologically scarring anyone for ratings purposes. Likewise with their new series Opportunity Knocks, premiering Sept. 23. In the show, host J.D. Roth (who, according to his bio, you can blame for “being directly involved in and responsible for over 2,000 episodes of reality/game television” either through creating, producing or hosting them, including Beauty and the Geek, The Pick Up Artist and Age of Love) knocks on the door of one unsuspecting home and brings the family immediately into a game show. Roth asks the family trivia questions based directly on their lives. Can a mom choose which of the five girls on hand gave her son his first kiss? Can dad guess which pottery piece was made by his daughter? It might be surprising to think how little you may know about your own family when you stop to look at it.

Executive producer Ashton Kutcher did some thinking on that subject when he helped present the show at TCA yesterday. When asked how he would fare on this show, the actor replied, “I don’t know that I would do too well. It would depend on the question. I’m not very good at dates. It takes me about 20 minutes to remember my anniversary [date]. Since making the show, it has encouraged me to make more of an effort to know the people I spend every single day with.”

Among those people is wife Demi Moore, and Kutcher was also asked how she might do on Opportunity Knocks. “She’d be a genius,” he answered immediately. “I think the moms on this show are going to do better than anyone else. In general I think women have a lot more compassion and awareness than men. So my wife would dominate.”