Jonas Brothers Star In Disney’s “Camp Rock”

JoBros fans have less than a month to wait until the worldwide premiere of Disney Channel‘s Camp Rock, a music-filled movie starring Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas, and a slew of other Disney stars. The film’s premise is a bit Dirty Dancing meets Cinderella, where an arrogant musician (played by Joe Jonas) meets a talented yet unsure young singer named Mitchie (played by Demi Lovato). They struggle to fit in, ultimately learning to believe in themselves and to be who they really want to be. The film airs June 20 on Disney Channel, June 21 on ABC and June 22 on ABC Family.

While on set in Orlando covering the Disney Channel Games (airing later this summer), we tracked down some of Camp Rock‘s hottest stars including the Jonas Brothers, Alyson Stoner, Jasmine Richards, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, and Disney newbies Demi Lovato and Meaghan Martin. Here’s what we learned about the movie and the cast.

How was it determined that Joe would get the lead role in the movie?

The Jonas Brothers
Joe Jonas: “It was determined through an auditioning process. I auditioned first for the role of Shane. They worked the movie to work better as a band because, as you know, it’s different for us to work maybe alone, so we wanted to keep it together, of course. It’s very cool to be Connect Three in the movie.”

Disney Channel films usually have a message. What was the message of “Camp Rock”?

Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas: “It’s a really amazing message that all kids can relate to. Everyone, I think, goes to camp or something like camp or even like school – where you realize how you are trying to fit in with the cool crowd. I know I did when I was growing up. Even at camp, I definitely wanted to hang out with the cool kids. The movie shows you can be who you are. You can hang out with the friends you are comfortable with.”

Kevin Jonas: “For us, it’s about staying true to who you are as a person. Never giving in to that.”

What can you relate to about the theme of this movie?

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato: “The theme of the movie is to be yourself and not worry about being popular. That’s what I had to worry about in middle school. I was always worried about being popular. Wow, if I had a chance to do it over again, I’d so rather be a nerd than be popular — it’s so much less stressful and you can be yourself.”

Alyson Stoner: “The movie not only teaches you to believe in yourself and stand up for what you believe in, but it teaches you that your individual strengths are your most unique qualities and that’s what makes you special. Everyone is born with their uniqueness and that can take them far and that’s what makes you you.”

Jasmine Richards

Jasmine Richards: “I can relate with the fact that Peggy [Richards’ character] has to stand up to Tess – and I’ve been through that and I know a lot of girls can relate. They’ve had that one person who says, ‘You do this, you follow what I say.’ Peggy at the end of the movie stands up and proves that it’s her time to shine. Every girl goes through it and I’ve definitely had that throughout high school.”

Jasmine Richards and Demi Lovato

Your character has an amazing transformation and viewers get to see her true talent. Did you do the vocals for the film?

Jasmine Richards: “I actually recorded the song but they didn’t use my voice because, at the time, it was my first time doing it.”

Tell us about the character of Tess?

Meaghan Martin
Meaghan Martin: “I’m the meanie. I’m pretty bad. I’m kind of afraid people won’t like me after the movie. Demi’s character wants to be my friend, because my character is the popular girl, so she lies because she wants to become a part of my group. I find out she’s lying and I, basically, bring her down.”

We were sure that we’d see a kiss between Mitchie (Demi Lovato) and Shane (Joe Jonas) – what happened?

Joe Jonas: “You know, it was so funny. It was rumored that there was a kiss in the movie, but there’s no kiss. Demi does a great job. I definitely did practice my acting, not so much a kiss, but definitely the acting because it was so different for us.”

Demi Lovato: “I don’t know, you’ll have to find out. Maybe there’s outtakes.”

Who was the biggest prankster on set?

Jasmine Richards: “Joe Jonas. He was the biggest prankster on the set, and he still is today. He would just break out and dance. He would try doing the splits in his tight jeans and it never worked. It was definitely fun to watch him try.”

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato

Your character, Caitlyn, was punished and sent to work in the kitchen – in real life what’s a good punishment for you?

Alyson Stoner: “I actually do love to cook, so that was not punishment for me. I’m usually the mother of the group so I don’t get in trouble. But if I do it’s simply taking my phone away and computer away or any form of communication with the outside world.”

While filming the movie in Canada, I heard you didn’t have access to cell service or computers – how did you survive?

Alyson Stoner
Alyson Stoner: “My mom got about 130 e-mails a day that she couldn’t answer. I couldn’t talk to my agents or managers about appointments, but it was kind of a reality check to say how grateful we should be for being able to communicate with people so easily. We enjoyed being able to get away and not having to worry about things for a while.”

Meaghan Martin: “We were up there for seven weeks. We spent some of the time in Toronto, which was awesome. I love Toronto — it’s very cultural, very cosmopolitan, it reminds me a lot of New York actually. And then we went to Haliburton, which is the complete opposite. Haliburton was more like going to summer camp. There was hardly any internet service, no cell service, so we all just kind of hung out and played guitar, played Monopoly and got really close.”

During your downtime on set, what did you do?

Alyson Stoner: “Like the Camp Rock theme we actually wrote music, played piano and had jam sessions. We even had dance parties in the Jonases’ cabin, where we blast music and dance to it all night long.”

Alyson Stoner

This is your first major role and you’re starring with the Jonas Brothers. How have your siblings and friends reacted to this?

Meaghan Martin: Oh, they don’t care [referring to her siblings]. I still live in Vegas. It’s been hard though; a lot of people who never were really all that nice to me before, all of a sudden want to be my best friend. So it’s been a little difficult to make sure everyone has the right intentions. My best friends, of course, are totally normal about it. They just like the fact that they can go to Jonas concerts and get good seats.”