My Boys “The Transitioning”

Last season left us with a cliffhanger: Who got on the plane with PJ!? The cute baseball player Matt? The cute globe-trotting reporter Thorn? The cute botanist Evan? Or maybe just one of the guys?

Dum Dum Dummmmm (drumroll please)

And the mystery man is… Bobby!!

Of course. It all makes sense. PJ’s seat was upgraded to first class! And it was revealed last season that Bobby is incredibly wealthy! His family even owns a villa in Florence. As far as travel companions go, Bobby definitely had the most to offer. And romance? There has been potential between PJ and Bobby since the very first episode.

But now the first dilemma – how to transition a friend into a boyfriend. PJ’s thinking about making her move. Bobby falls asleep. The next morning, in a gorgeous villa, amore back in the air. Over cappuccinos, Bobby is excited to take PJ to all the most romantic places in Italy. Enter second dilemma – Steph barges in, upset and tearful, having fought all night and consequently broken up with Lance, her financial counselor boyfriend. Dang! Cock blocked! Wait what is it called when the girl blocks the girl from getting the guy? Crotch blocked!?

Bobby immediately invites Steph to stay in the villa and spend the trip with them. Cut to PJ’s disappointed face and commercial.

Meanwhile, back at home, the rest of the boys fall apart without PJ. They theorize where Bobby has disappeared to. The consensus is that he’s gone underground, something every guy needs to do once in a while. You know, just get away. Kenny is overly concerned that Bobby is bleeding to death in a ditch somewhere. His shtick gets unfunny pretty quick and, unfortunately, resurfaces frequently throughout the entire episode. Is that what happens when you’re the nerdy, balding guy in a group of interesting, occasionally good-looking guys? You get lame dialogue and lame plot twists?

Brendan contemplates his future in radio, will he have to sell out and make the transition to soft rock? Andy is flaunting his newfound wealth. Mike violates the hang-out rules and gets the group kicked out of Crowley’s. (Getting kicked out of a bar brings back so many memories, sigh…) Sitting in Andy’s car with a six-pack, they realize what a sad group they are without Peeje.

PJ never figures out how to tell Bobby she’s interested in more than just friendship. She debates confronting him with a “Hey I invited you to Italy. Now, get naked!” demand, but decides against it. She waited for the right opportunity and there simply was no opportunity. The three of them board the plane, first class, and head home.

All back together at the poker table, Bobby and PJ tell the guys about the trip. The burning question on all their minds – did Bobby and PJ get together? PJ cuts in with an “Ew! Come on guys, no, I mean Eww” before Bobby can say a word. No PJ, don’t say “Ew!” You’ll never be able to transition now!! Poor Bobby looks so sad. He looks let down, as well. He looks as if he, too, had been expecting something to happen on the trip. The rest of the guys agree that it’s better nothing happened because the group is sacred and to date within the group would become too complicated and screw things up. With that, they hit Crowley’s.

As the group stands outside the bar peering in, longingly, PJ shakes her head, walks into the bar and saves the day. The guys file in, but she stops Mike. As her own personal form of punishment, she lies and tells him that he’s still got another week of exile. “Crowley’s has been my friend longer than you have.” And all is right in the world again.