Wild, Wild World of Animals (June 2008)

Posted by RabbitEars

Hey, animal lovers, here are some new shows, and notable new episodes, that you might enjoy this month:

meerkatsMeerkat Manor: The Next Generation (Season 4) Animal Planet, Fridays beginning June 6. The popular docu-reality series returns to show us that even animal families can be dysfunctional. Since the tragic death of the Manor’s reigning monarch, Flower, the meerkats of the Kalahari Desert are in chaos. Under their new matriarch, Rocket Dog, the Whiskers family still battle their arch enemies the Commandos, and now their own sister Maybelline and her mob of rebellious subjects — the Aztecs. Talk about sibling rivalry.

Animal Cops: South Africa Animal Planet, Fridays, June 6-27. The award-winning producers of Animal Cops and Animal Precinct now follow the Animal Cruelty Inspectors at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in Cape Town, South Africa.

Dog Whisperer: “Peanut and Sunshine, Roxy and Angus” — National Geographic Channel, June 6. In this new episode, Cesar Millan tries to quiet down a chaotic Chihuahua causing stress in a home consisting of six people, two dogs and two cats.

Housecat Housecall Animal Planet, Saturdays beginning June 7. Each week, veterinarian Katrina Warren visits three cat-owning homes to resolve the pressing feline matters at hand there, from hunger strikes to excessive licking, and other common cat behaviors. Maybe she can stop the strays who keep leaving dead animals on my lawn …

Untamed and Uncut Animal Planet, June 8, then Tuesdays beginning June 17. The most incredible animal encounters ever caught on tape, from heart-stopping attacks, to heartwarming real stories about the world’s most amazing creatures.

Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom: “Predators in Peril” — Animal Planet, June 8. How the predators living in South Africa’s Kruger National Park hang on by a thread as they compete against rivals and disease.

Explorer: Science of Cats National Geographic Channel, June 10. Numbering 600 million worldwide, the housecat has surpassed the dog as the world’s most popular pet. But how did felis catus get its start? This special reconstructs the evolutiocatsn of this sometimes-mysterious creature, and how it endeared itself enough to humans for us to welcome it into our homes.

Dog Whisperer: “Mateo and Ali” — National Geographic Channel, June 13.

Extraordinary Animals Animal Planet, Fridays beginning June 13. William Shatner narrates this series that looks at various incredible animals, wild and domesticated, that have surpassed typical cognition and behaviors, from an elephant that paints to a dolphin able to order her own lunch through sonar.

Dog Whispereextraordinaryr: “Jake and Kona” — National Geographic Channel, June 20.

Groomer Has It: Championship Dog Show Animal Planet, June 28. The reality series concludes as the remaining two groomers have only 10 hours to prep seven pooches for a dog show.


Meerkat Manor The Next Generation — Credit: Heinrich Van Den Berg/Animal Planet

Explorer: Science of Cats — © Mark Knobil/NGT

Extraordinary Animals — Credit: Animal Planet/BBC