8 Questions With … Miriam Shor

1. What Has Been Your Strangest Fan Encounter?

Miriam Shor: I was in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Those are some special and amazing fans. I got a fan letter from someone when I was in the stage show that asked if I would like to have tea with them sometime (I have no idea if it was a male or a female — or both, considering what the show is) and that they couldn’t stop thinking about how I moved my legs. I played a man in the show, so I wasn’t, like, walking around in little stilettos or anything. But I swear I couldn’t move my legs for a week after that, thinking, now what am I doing with my legs? I didn’t have tea with them, obviously.

2. You’re At A Magazine Rack And Can Pick Three Magazines. What Are They?

The New Yorker, Scientific American and Rolling Stone

3. What’s Your Favorite Sports Team?

That is so rough. But, in conjunction with the show [her new series Swingtown], the Steelers from the 1970s. My dad was from Pittsburgh. Also the [Detroit] Tigers from the ’70s [Miriam grew up in Michigan].

4. When Was The Last Time You Were Starstruck?

I just saw Elvis Costello like a week ago. He’ll do it!

5. If Your TV Only Carried Three Shows, Which Three Would You Want?

One of my all-time favorite shows was Deadwood, which is hilarious, because now Molly Parker is on this show with me. I thought that show was Shakespearean. The Muppet Show. When’s the last time you went back and looked at those shows — they’re hilarious! The PBS NewsHour. All you need to know, no ridiculous graphics and music. Oh, that makes me sound like such a nerd!

6. When Was The Last Time You Felt Like Crying?

Now you sound like my therapist! Last night when I was reading the script [for Episode 5 of Swingtown] — there’s a really sweet moment that happens between the kids, and it made me remember when I was a kid at that time.

7. What’s Your Favorite Condiment?

Hot fudge.

8. What “Swingtown”-era ’70s Toy Do You Remember The Most Fondly?

Man, there’s so many! There was a toy I coveted that I never had — you remember the Big Wheel? There’s this one kind of Big Wheel and it was called the Green Machine; you could, like, shift gears or brake. Man, I wanted one so bad! I also like the one where you sit and you spin yourself around. Anything you could sort of make yourself sick on, that’s a great toy.

Miriam Shor stars in the new CBS and CBS HD series Swingtown, which takes us back to the 1970s on Thursdays beginning June 5.