It’s official: “Scrubs” is moving to ABC

Posted by SH

It was just about the worst-kept secret in Hollywood, but ABC made it official today, announcing it will scoop up the Sacred Heart crew for an eighth season, ending the red-headed stepchild treatment the show had gotten for so long at NBC. We gotta give the Peacock credit, though, for sticking with it through season after season of so-so ratings, and not cramming another hour of “Biggest Loser” down our throats.

One of the biggest hurdles “Scrubs” has faced has been its carousel of time slots. None other than “The Simpsons” made reference to the problem on last week’s episode, with Homer saying that his mother — who comes in and out of his life without warning — is “just like that show ‘Scrubs.’ ” Of course, his mother died later that episode. Kind of a bad sign.

Speaking of “Scrubs”/”Simpsons” mash-ups, check this out.