ANTM Is Nearing The Answer To The Question

by WindUpDoll

I’m coming in to this late kids. Sorry about that. I’ll adjust the recap on Sunday when they repeat the episode.

So the girls have to play photographer. Anya needs to reign in her energy. Are we surprised? Whitney gets good feedback. Paulina thought Anya was the most fun, but the least focused. Fatima had a lot of variety. Dominique’s composition wasn’t there. Paulina had a lot of cactus hats. Fatima ends up winning the challenge, and it’s her first one.

Fatima gets all sorts of confidence. Dominique, of course, then has to rip on this. She also believes in herself more than anyone else in the house. She calls herself Superwoman. Anya thinks she’s melting listening to her. Fatima tells us the competition is getting intense.

There’s a debate as to whether or not Whitney is going home. Then the girls meet up with Mr. Jay. He’s in a quilted pink jacket. It’s fabulous. The girls are going to pretend that they’re going to be chased by the paparazzi and glammed up 40s style. Then they find out Nigel will be shooting them. Squeal!

They’re told to be sexy & Fatima says she doesn’t know how to be sexy in front of guys. Mr. Jay notes to Anya that she makes better pictures when he distracts her to get her to stop thinking. Fatima is gloating about her challenge win 50-extra frames. Both Mr. Jay and Nigel remind her not to pose & be natural. It doesn’t help. Mr. Jay even shows Fatima her frames and how bad they are. It takes Mr. Jay trying to get her angry that finally moves her.

Whitney wants to show that she can take direction. She tries really hard, but she thinks she looks pretty and that’s about it. Dominique has wanted to shoot with Nigel for a long time. Of course, she’s too posy. Mr. Jay doesn’t think anyone did well today. We’ll just see what happens at panel.

Individual evaluation time! Anya’s up first. Tyra loves Anya’s picture & thinks Nigel has taken the best picture of her. The judges talk about how great she is in front of her, as if she’s not there. Whitney looks good, but not surprised. Nigel tells her she needs to model AND act. That’s hard.

Dominique is getting fashion tips from Tyra. Apparently her shirt is too long, so she’s got to scrunch it up & show her crotch. Tyra calls her a beautiful tranny and admits that she can be tranny too. Apparently if your face can ‘take a lot of makeup’ then you’ve got to scale back the inner tranny. Thank you Tyra. I always get such good advice from this show.

Fatima gets ripped for saying that the photo shoot was hard because she’s never had a boyfriend. Tyra’s all over that stuff, reminding her that she’s never been a lot of things she’s modeled so far. Having a boyfriend is no different. No different Fatima!

Time to talk behind the girls backs! Nigel admits that Anya fell into the shot. Fatima doesn’t look caught and Nigel rats out that she doesn’t listen. Whitney didn’t use her va-va-va-voom. Dominique isn’t the softest girl. Miss Jay reminds the panel that the makeup line is called Cover Girl because it covers up the man in you, girl.

First up, Anya, next, Whitney. We’re down to Dominique and Fatima in the bottom two. Tyra rips Fatima for getting 50 extra frames & not capitalizing on that advantage. Dominique evolved to be a good model, but she’s now backsliding. At the end of their beat-down, Fatima is still in and Dominique is out.

Really, it was inevitable. Usually ANTM saves the dragilicious girl for the 3rd girl that gets eliminated in the first 5 minutes of the finale. Now it’ll actually be interesting to see who gets the boot.

Two out of three girls are gone next week. There can only be one America’s Next Top Model.