ANTM Goes Gladiator

by WindUpDoll

Whitney thinks she comes off as fake because she’s nervous. Fatima thinks the girls are jealous of how strong she’s getting. She also talks about how even she forgets about Katarzyna, and she lives with her.

Anya is confused by the TyraMail. Anya seems like she would be confused by many things.

The girls are taken to a field with what we assume are ruins and there are several ‘gladiators’ fighting. The girls get their own lessons in gladiator fighting, which, of course they have to combine with looking fierce. Fatima is getting confused and admits she doesn’t like fighting. Can’t imagine why. However, when Fatima can fight Dominique, she gets into it.

So off the girls are sent to get all gladiator-ed up. When they come out, they are met with the Jays — Miss and Mr. They learn that they will be doing a photo challenge to see if they can relay an expression while still looking like a model. They have to ‘fight’ a big ‘gladiator’ guy. When they cut to Whitney I realize how much she looks like Gabrielle from Xena, Warrior Princess. Each girl gets 5 frames.

Most girls do well, but Fatima looks like a freak. Dominique wanted to stand out, so she’s doing all this weird stuff with her legs. It’s like yoga gladiator fighting. Anya gets props for taking direction & showing the poses the instructor taught them. Dominique went too model-y instead of gladiator.

The winner is told that she gets 1000 Euros to go shopping. She has the choice of going with a friend or alone. Whitney is the winner and decides to share with Anya. Whitney buys so much her arms hurt. Squeal!

TyraMail says that their inexperience should be a thing of the past. Love Tyra. That’s Tyra speak for bring it girls.

Mr. Jay meets the girls at a castle and tells them they will be interpreting classic Renaissance themes with a modern twist.  Tyra walks in and says ‘mamma’s in the house today.’ Katarzyna is up first. Apparently in Top Model land interpreting Renaissance works involves whacked out crimped wigs. Yikes.

Tyra’s vision is an exaggerated Renaissance woman who just came home from the club. Tyra keeps telling Katarzyna to be bigger. Tyra feels like she’s at the ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ video shoot. Dominique is compared to Cruella DeVille, but she works hard to not be Cruella DeVille. Dominique is way, way excited after the shoot, much to the annoyance of the other girls.

Mr. Jay tells Fatima that she can’t take 10 minutes to find each pose. He takes it back after Tyra says she’s sick. That’s a good thing. Whitney gets stuck in not-high-fashion land. Tyra tells her to think more fashion and less sex to lose the hootchie.

Anya is last and Tyra loves her. Tyra also expected a lot from Anya since she’s won posing competitions.  That’s it for the photo shoot, which means it’s time for panel. Fatima thinks she’s going to be called first this week. Anya tells the girls that Dominique was the only photo shoot Tyra really loved. That might’ve been enough to rattle Fatima’s cage.

Tyra welcomes the girls with a Bonne Soir. She realizes that’s French & they’re in Italy. Whoops. Apparently there’s no guest judge this week. Anya is up first and Miss Jay calls it 100% Italian Vogue.  Tyra admits she was nervous because it was her first time shooting in artificial light. It’s human time for Tyra. Fatima is up next, and she gets props from all the judges as well.

Dominique is dressed like a hostess at a casual restaurant. Nice. Her photo gets big props, and Tyra admits that she wasn’t looking forward to shooting her. But Tyra is proved wrong again. Katarzyna is the first girl to get negative feedback. The lighting is good though. The judges expected a lot more from Whitney. They’re disappointed, and Paulina gives her tips on facing to the light but looking away.

So it’ll be Whitney and Katarzyna in the bottom two. I don’t even need to hear the judges back talking to know that. Yep, the judges rave about Anya, except for the personality. Whitney gets props for how she is in person, but it’s not always in the pictures. Nigel calls Dominique game showish. Tyra calls Fatima in-friggin-sane. That’s a good thing. Katarzyna thinks too much & it shows in her posing.

Yep, it’s Whitney and Katarzyna in the bottom two. Wow, Katarzyna is out. Didn’t see that one coming. Whitney was saved by her challenge win. The entire left side of Miss Jay’s jacket is now empty. Fin.