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Earl Killerball

Yeah, I’m a few days late with the Earl recap. Better late than never, I suppose. But given the quality of this episode, I’m not so sure.

Regrettably, The Hickeys still isn’t canceled. Earl’s now dreaming that he and Billie are old and tired … much like this storyline.

The hospital wants Earl off their hands. So they offer Randy either long-term care for Earl at a county medical facility or a one-time payment of $2,000 in Camden Cash good at four area businesses (one of which is paintball!) if he just takes care of Earl himself. We shouldn’t have to tell you which option Randy chooses.

Randy is hauling Earl around in a grocery cart, but soon sets up Earl with a new ride — a superfly pimped-out motorized wheelchair. Now that Earl’s out of the hospital and (sort of) mobile, he can start doing list items again. Randy picks No. 241 “Made Derek Stone late for work.” Derek once started his car and woke Earl and Randy up. They paid him back by burying his car. Derek was late for work, lost his job, his girlfriend, etc. Randy decides he’s going to let Earl ride in the back seat of Derek’s car so he can use the carpool lanes and never be late for work. Earl’s sitting in the back of Derek’s car — or what used to be Derek’s car before he sold it to the woman next door. The woman flips out on finding a strange comatose man in the back seat, and she unloads the pepper spray on him.

Randy moves on to No. 126 “Stole from the Hinson kids.” When they were kids, Randy and Earl stole wheelchairs from Brett and Tiffany Hinson, victims of an unfortunate skydiving accident. Randy finds the Hinsons in a wheelchair bar, where Tiffany reveals she recently broke up with her wheelchair-bound hardass boyfriend T.R. Tiffany will let them cross her off the list if Earl helps her make T.R. jealous.

So Tiffany starts making out with Earl at T.R.’s Killerball game. T.R. is having an awesome game against Tiffany’s brother Brett, and things look even worse for Brett when one of his players gets DQ’d for being able to walk. So Brett says that Randy can cross him off the list if Earl helps him win the game. Earl enters the game, with Randy remote controlling his wheelchair. In a fit of jealous rage, T.R. throws the ball at Earl’s head. The ball bounces off and lands into Brett’s hands, and he scores the winning goal. Randy crosses off the Hinsons from the list.

Across town, Derek and the woman he sold his car to have a budding romance, and the extra boost of karma finally wakes Earl up out of his coma. Thank you, karma.

Stuff We Learned:

If you’re in a coma, you probably don’t want someone rolling you down a hill in a Port-O-Potty.

Killerball is a game in which people who are already hurt try to hurt each other more.

Wisdom From Randy: Randy has a degree in joysticks from the University of Pac-man.

Crab Man Chronicles: Crab Man is pleased to know hospitals throw out white folks, too.

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