Long Overdue Erin Andrews Post. Also, Spelling Bee News.

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Erin AndrewsI’ve long resisted doing another Erin Andrews related post just to boost traffic and perpetuate an already very exhausted Interweb phenomenon (look guys, bare calves!).

But today there is actual relevant Erin Andrews news involving the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Via Deadspin and The Futon Critic comes the news that Andrews will be joining ESPN and ABC’s coverage of the bee as a correspondent. Dancing With the Stars host Tom Bergeron is also added as a host. Out are last year’s hosts Mike & Mike and reporter Stu Scott — we will miss ripping on them.

This is the perfect opportunity to announce that Johnnysweeptheleg and I will again be live blogging the spelling bee finals in prime-time on May 30. I think last year’s bee live blog was a huge success, despite it being basically two dudes instant-messaging each other and making fun of nerdy 12-year-olds on a blog.

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun and post comments. It’s going to be so much better this year: It’s going to be two dudes drinking beer, gawking at Erin Andrews, instant-messaging each other, and making fun of nerdy 12-year-olds on a blog on a Friday night.

It doesn’t get any better than that. High fives all around.

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  1. Aside from the simple act of dangling Erin Andrews in front of a bunch of twelve year old boys, the only other way you could taunt them more is to have En Vogue’s “You’re Never Gonna Get It” playing in the background during all of this. ABC and ESPN, you cruel, cruel, people.

    And in honor of both, Billy Madison and the Spelling Bee:

    Billy Madison: Couch. C-O-R, uh, are you going to the mall today?
    Teacher: No I’m not going to the mall, keep spelling, mister.
    Billy Madison: Couch. C-O-U-C-H!
    Teacher: That is correct!

  2. Erin Andrews is definitely the Veronica Vaughn of sportscasters. So hot, want to … well, you’ve seen Billy Madison.

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