Time To Travel On ANTM, But Where

by WindUpDoll

This episode begins with all the girls thinking about how they have to step up their game. They all want to be America’s Next Top Model.

Fatima is worried about more practical matters — silly girl lost her travel documents. She’s not a US citizen so she really, really needs to get her act together and get those papers. She didn’t want to have to think about the documents, but now that she may be leaving the country, it’s a very real possibility that she’ll need them.

Paulina Porizkova makes a surprise visit to the girls to give them a lesson on how to present yourself effectively. She plays a party game with them. Paulina is transformed to Miss DuBois, a bitchy woman at a party that the girls need to try and impress. Anya does well in Paulina’s eyes.

Then Paulina plays a perky reporter asking questions. Dominique can’t speak in sound bites. Duh. Whitney answers well but has dead eyes.

Then the girls decide to make potato pancakes and Lauren slices deep into her finger. She’s taken to the hospital by producers. She didn’t slice it off, as previously alluded to on commercials. She did end up getting stitches. Fatima’s quest to get her documents is not going as planned. Apparently someone procrastinated a bit too much.

Then a package shows up on their runway. It’s filled with lemons & limes. Amid the fruit is a box with a big 7up logo. It’s an invite to a green carpet runway show. Or something. Jay Godfrey has provided dresses for all the girls for this event so they can look fabulous for 7up. Paulina’s still with Ric Ocasek? Seriously? Who’s gonna drive you home Paulina?

Some girls do well on the runway. Dominique says the wrong designer name. Nice. Lauren tells the reporter that she could kick any of these girls asses. Whitney looks like she’s going to fall out of her dress.

So now the girls have to mix and mingle with the guests. Stacy-Ann thinks she has the challenge in the bag. She tells lots of people that she’s from Miami.

When they get feedback, Anya gets poise points, Stacy-Ann is thinking too much, Lauren needs to lose the potty mouth and Dominique gets called on missing the designer’s name. Anya wins the challenge, and when Anya wins a challenge, Anya gets to take her clothes off. Because 7up is all-natural, you see. The best part is Anya gets paid $10,000 for her work. Do I have to tell you that the girls are jealous?

Saleisha didn’t vote last year, but now that she’s a Cover Girl she’s going to do it! Wow, what a role model — voting because you have to! I wonder if she’ll actually be an informed voter. She didn’t mention that.

Fatima’s lawyer gets a meeting with the consulate at 9am to see if she can get her travel documents. Tyra Mail tells the girls to get packing. Lauren notes that the Tyra Mail didn’t actually say where they were going. The limo picks them up at 5:50. By 7am they’re at the airport and Mr. Jay is sitting on the stairs of a jet. He thanks them for bringing their luggage as props for the photo shoot.

Fatima brings up the travel document thing to Mr. Jay. He’s going to start with the other girls and will work Fatima in if he can. She takes off for the consulate & Mr. Jay wonders why she waited until now.

The girls are freezing on the tarmac. Each girl takes a turn being first in line for the plane. Mr. Jay comments that Whitney is slipping back. It’s 12:45 and Fatima has finally gotten her travel documents. Dominique is giving modeling 101. Apparently it takes over 2 hours to get from the consulate to the airport.

With the photo shoot over, the girls are told to go into the hangar where they find Tyra and the whole panel waiting to eliminate someone right now. Fatima still hasn’t made it yet. The show is edited to make it seem like Fatima came right in as panel is beginning.

The girls will go straight from panel into a plane to go to the abroad location. We’re not told where the abroad location is. Miss Jay is living for Lauren’s extended tippy-toe. The panel also wants Lauren to be as friendly as she was at the party in panel. Dominique gets good feedback too. Stacy Ann looks like she’s got one leg. I’d love to know how long they took to pick these photos. Digital photography is a wonderful thing.

Mr. Jay comments that Whitney looks too pageanty. Whitney looks taken aback. Anya gets good feedback as well. Tyra rips Fatima for not having a picture again. Tyra seems cranky in this panel. Lauren has won this week’s Cover Girl of the Week vote.

In the segment where the panel talks about girls behind their backs, Tyra tells Miss Jay that Dominique doesn’t look like a man this week. Mr. Jay and Paulina believe in Lauren. Fatima is judged on her body of work instead of the photo shoot she didn’t participate in.

First up, Anya. She’s still in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model. Lauren is second. Dominique is third. Katarzyna is fourth. Whitney is fifth. Fatima and Stacy Ann are in the bottom two. Fatima’s body of work is stronger than Stacy Ann’s so Stacy Ann is going home. She tried too hard, a fatal flaw of girls who are in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model.

Tyra teases the girls by making them think the models are going in a private jet. Not so, suckers, you’re not real models yet. The judges are taking the private jet, to Rome. Next week we’re treated to Fatima with a fever, and the fun of the foreign language commercial. Sweet! Train wreck!