"E:60" Returns: Tiger's Caddy, Oscar Pistorius And Darren McFadden

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E:60ESPN’s sports newsmagazine series E:60 is back for five new installments beginning Tuesday, April 15 at 7pm ET. Highlights of the April 15 episode include:

Tiger’s Eye — Steve Williams, the man behind Tiger Woods, gives E:60 correspondent Lisa Salters an exclusive look at life as a caddy for the greatest golfer in the world. In his first U.S. television interview, the New Zealand native describes his decision to drop out of school at age 13 and talks about his second career as a race car driver. The profile highlights how Williams has parlayed his role with Tiger to become New Zealand’s richest sports personality. Williams also speaks candidly about his relationship with Woods and what makes them so successful.

Blade Runner — Oscar Pistorius was born in South Africa 21 years ago without fibulas in either leg. When he was 11 months old, his parents made the difficult decision to have his legs amputated. He put on his first pair of prosthetics at 13 months. Today, Pistorius is perhaps the best-known disabled athlete in the world, thanks to his international campaign to compete as an able-bodied sprinter in the upcoming Summer Olympics in Beijing. Pistorius did not even take up competitive running until 2003. Nine months later he competed in the Athens Paralympics, winning gold in the 200 meters and bronze in the 100 meters. Soon after he set disabled world records in the 100, 200 and 400. Pistorius now produces times in the 200 and 400 that eclipse performances of many elite, able-bodied runners. Last season he finished second in the 400 meters in South Africa’s national championships. But the world governing body of track and field has said Pistorius will not be allowed to compete against able-bodied athletes and eventually in Beijing because it believes his high-tech prosthetics called “Cheetahs” give him an unfair advantage. E:60 reporter Jeremy Schaap travels to South Africa to meet Pistorius, to Iceland to interview the man who invented the “Cheetah” prosthetics, and to West Germany to question the scientist hired by the world track and field governing body to assess Pistorius’ advantage.

Run DMc — Darren McFadden, one of the top prospects in this month’s NFL Draft, sits down with E:60 correspondent Michael Smith to talk about his background and some of the perceived “character” issues surrounding him. McFadden’s mother is a recovering crack addict who used to take money from his billfold to support her habit. He also has two brothers who belonged to rival gangs in Little Rock.

Violated — In spite of efforts by USA Gymnastics to keep pedophile coaches out of the nation’s gymnasiums, child molesters are still finding ways to beat the system and gain access to kids. E:60 correspondent Rachel Nichols investigates how some coaches are able to move from gym to gym even when they have been convicted of crimes involving sexual misconduct.

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