“Sunset Tan” Rises Again

Posted by RabbitEars

Summertime is around the corner, but if you don’t actually enjoy the sunshine yourself, you may appreciate instead basking in the rays of your TV screen as the incredibly popular reality series Sunset Tan comes back.

Like persistent melanoma, the E! hit about a Hollywood tanning salon will return this summer for its second season, but today’s announcement did not specify when. What has been made clear, though, is that more of the fluffiness and superficiality will be on hand.

Series favorites the Olly Girls (Molly and Holly), though sent packing in last season’s final episode, will still be around as the series watches them try to find new jobs outside of the “tanning industry” (we all know how tough it is to recover once you stumble in that demanding vocational field). And something tells me they won’t be looking to break in to the aerospace industry or anything like that.

Also returning are leaders Jeff and Devin, along with Erin, Janelle, Nick, Ania, Kelly and Heidi. This season sees the opening of the Vegas salon, with Janelle taking over her new role as manager. A few new employees will be introduced, and at one point the gang will go into the country for a weekend of “ranching” in order to learn to work together.

It has not been shown which is worse for you — sitting in a tanning bed or watching Sunset Tan — but at the very least you may want some extra UV protection for your brain if you tune in, just to be safe.

Credit: E!