Jericho Nuke Notes: Sedition

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Jericho SeditionJericho, Season 2, Episode 6, “Sedition”: Following the Rangers’ decision to take justice into their own hands, Major Beck goes to extreme measures to prove he’s in complete control of the town, while Hawkins receives a call from Chavez telling him that it’s time to transport the bomb.

The Rangers are in hiding and Major Beck is on the warpath after the killing of Goetz. Jake surrenders, taking the fall for Stanley. Jake offers himself up in exchange for amnesty for the other Rangers, but Beck will have none of it. Jake is hooded and taken off to get the Gitmo treatment.

Chavez calls Hawkins from Texas and tells him that it’s time to get the bomb down to San Antonio to convince the state not to join up with Cheyenne. Hawkins has a fake J&R I.D., a stolen J&R shirt and a stolen J&R truck — he’ll need them to get a free pass through the checkpoints. John Smith calls Hawkins and tells him to take the bomb to a nearby safe location instead, but Hawkins refuses. This doesn’t sit well with Smith, who calls Beck and tells him who Hawkins really is and what he really has in his trunk.

Beck has Jake imprisoned and is depriving him of food and sleep until Jake gives up the Rangers. Jake won’t talk, and Beck declares Jericho an “open insurrection” and shuts off their power, water and incoming supplies. But Jake knows that the Jericho citizens survived months on their own and they won’t be forced into giving up the Rangers. Jake’s also having visions of his grandpa (played by David Huddleston, aka “The Big Lebowski”), who gives Jake a pep talk about starting up a new American revolution. The citizens of Jericho don’t need much inspiration, though. They’re already tossing Molotov cocktails into the J&R HQ and doing all sorts of civil disobedience, dumping tea into the harbor and whatnot. Stepping up the pressure on Jake, Beck brings in Jake’s mom, Gail (Pamela Reed returns!), to try to convince him to talk, but she instead whispers a message to stay strong and silent because Eric and the Rangers are coming for him. Gail was blindfolded, but she’s able to guess the route to the place where Beck is keeping Jake … and she remembers the smell of the hog farm. Eric and the Rangers bust in and get Jake out. I’m a little disappointed that they saved Jake before he had a hallucination about Gerald McRaney.

Hawkins is heading to Texas with the bomb in his truck, when a Humvee and a helicopter show up behind him. After a little chase, the helicopter fires a few rockets at the truck — apparently, no one told them there’s a nuke in the truck and they probably shouldn’t shoot at it too much. Hawkins gets forced off the road, but he gets away on foot. Now the military has the nuke and is taking it to Cheyenne.

Taking the nuke to Cheyenne is exactly what John Smith wants. Hawkins figures out that Smith has a tracking device on it, which means that he was behind, or at least involved in, the attacks. Smith admits that he was interested in “liberating” the country from the “cancer” of J&R. The company and the government were getting too close for Smith’s comfort, and blowing up 23 cities and killing tens of millions seemed like a good way of fixing that. Now that J&R has consolidated its power in Cheyenne, he can take out the whole company with one bomb. (Eh. Not sure that I’m buying this twist.) So Hawkins and Jake have to go to Cheyenne and head off the killing of another 1 million people.

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