Project Runway Comes To An End

by WindUpDoll

Christian wants to win so much it makes him sick. Rami’s just glad he’s in the final three — and he should be, because he kicked Rami’s butt. Apparently Rami thinks that Christian is surprised by his collection. I hope Rami doesn’t win. He’s now completely annoying me.

Tim is concerned about a piece that Jillian created after Tim first saw her collection. She’s got to figure out how to make it fit in her collection.

Rami’s got one piece that’s using strips of antique lace. It’s very pretty. Tim expresses concern about Christian’s collection. He’s losing his cocky confidence, which is too bad. He’s seeing the other collections & he’s questioning his choices. I love the fierce — bring it back!

It’s time for model casting. Jillian admits she can’t make a decision quickly. Christian’s looking for fierce tallness. The next day they meet with Collier Strong again to discuss the makeup look for each show. Rami goes for angles, Christian focuses on lips and Jillian wants natural. Super!

The designers start fitting, and Rami thinks Christian’s collection is too dramatic. One of his models is complaining about the big shoes she has to wear. She sits in the skirt. She SITS! Christian gets her skinny butt up off the couch. He then tells her that he walked around his apartment in those shoes, so she can walk a runway in them. Is anyone surprised he walked around his apartment in 6-inch heels? No.

As we go to break, Jillian is questioning one of her model choices & then freaking about her choices. The guys try to calm her down. It’s not working. Freak out time! She learns that one really can’t change one’s model selections the day before Fashion Week. Duh.

The designers meet with Tresemme Hair, then do final fitting with models. Jillian keeps running over to Rami to validate her decisions. Tim brings them over to do one final gather around. The order will be Jillian, Rami and Christian. Tim is speechless in his pride for the contestants. He gives them all a group hug. Who doesn’t love Tim Gunn, seriously?

It’s showtime! The designers get themselves ready before dawn to head to the park. The tent they’re in looks really big. I’d love to see it in person, just to see how big it is. Jillian mentions that hit holds 2,000 people. I’d love to know how it compares to other tents.

Each designer has a team of dressers to help get the collection together. Christian’s models are late, but he is going last. We start to see folks enter the tent. Andre! I saw Andre! And a whole bunch of other people from Bravo. Christian’s final models finally show up and he can stop freaking out. He takes a moment to juge his hair. I’m sure it’s comforting for him.

Heidi introduced the judges, Nina, Michael Kors, and the special guest judge Victoria Beckham. She’s an odd-looking woman. Jillian comes out first and says about 5 words before the show starts.

Jillian starts off with a red belt theme. Naturally she’s got some fabulous jackets. Seeing stuff come down the runway, I can now see Tim’s concern with her new outfit. It’s this ’30s Parisian outfit in the middle of a bunch of armor. It’s like 5 seconds and it’s over.

Rami is up. He feels really strongly about his collection & it celebrates women. Thank you, Rami. He’s working in ’80s teal to start the show. As the show goes on, I’m seeing a lot of ’80s. Scarf-ruffle tie things, skinny pants. Ok, and he was ripping on Christian for not making wearable clothes. He’s using skinny pants. I like some of his things, but there are lots of ’80s trends that shouldn’t come back, and it looks like Rami loves all of them.

Christian is last. He says everyone looks fierce. First model — no bra, and it shows! Apparently Victoria Beckham is a style inspiration for him. Ok, whatever, Christian. I may not be able to wear his stuff — and the model with the big hat might not have been able to see anything, but his stuff at least looks different. I don’t look at his stuff and see — oh, that’s ’80s or ’70s or whatever. I had heard early reports that the judges saw a clear winner. If it’s not Christian, I’ll be really surprised. Below is a short video with highlights from each designer’s show, even Chris and SweetP.

Post-show we get reaction from the crowd. Naturally we get an array of answers. I’m wondering how we’re going to milk the last 20 minutes or so until they announce the winner. I know lots of commercials will be part of the solution.

Back from break, we’re in with the judges discussing the show. They’re all way impressed, and bring out the judges. Only one can be the winner of Project Runway. Heidi feels the need to introduce the judges again for some reason. Oh, yeah — to fill time! Jillian gets ‘grilled’ first. At this point, it’s not really a grilling, although Nina says she had a little too much going on.

Christian admits that he’s nervous for the first time. Victoria says he’s major and Christian made her smile, which apparently isn’t easy. Michael Kors brings out the point that there was a little too much black and it got monotonous.

Michael says Rami used Brady Bunch colors. I would disagree. I thought they were Cosby colors. Nina thinks he’s got the strongest point of view. Victoria liked his final dresses best.

The judges do their talking behind the designers’ back. There’s positives and negatives being thrown out for each designer. Soon enough, they bring the 3 back out. Ok, we’re going to take 10 minutes to say 2 names. Oy. Cut to commercial. I’ll be glad when I stop seeing naked women in Bluefly ads. They’re just creepy.

Heidi has to go through each designer & talk about their strengths. Blah, blah, blah, filler. First to get cut — Jillian. It’s ok, Jillian, coming in third isn’t the worst thing. She’s disappointed. Now we’ve got 5 minutes to fill before the episode ends. Christian is getting teary. And he wins! That’s awesome. He got the fan favorite & now he’s winning it all. Rami’s not sad. He shouldn’t be — he’s got his own studio. Victoria Beckham wants to wear his clothes, any of them. He leaves us with ‘Hello, did you have a doubt, come on.’ He’s taking a vacay because he needs a breaky-break. This will not be the last of Christian or the fierceness.

I hope not, Christian, I hope not. Oh, and you can audition if you even think you can come close to the fierceness of this season.