One Tree Hill: The Slippery Slope Continues 10

Posted by: haro1d

The comedy just keeps on comin’. Last night’s OTH episode did not disappoint. To recap:

Nanny Carrie continued her home-wrecker crusade, jumpin’ in the shower with Nathan just in time for the scene to be discovered by Haley. Peyton’s old boss showed up to steal Mia away, but with some clever theatrics, they managed to trick him into offering her promotion and distribution, publishing rights and maybe the moon, if I heard correctly. Quentin has a hairline fracture from punching out K-Fed and is likely to be benched for the season … if he lets the coaches know about his injury. Brooke and bartender boy Owen tripped to New York, where they found Rachel (hey, she’s back!) sprawled out on the floor of one of Brooke’s crash pads, on her way to a permanent exit via a heroin overdose. Owen resuscitated her and managed to pummel her dealer to the ground when he showed up. Then he admitted to being an alcoholic. And Brooke, instead of taking Rachel to rehab, is taking her home, inviting misery into her life by the bale. Dan Scott is up for parole — and may get it, since Nathan screwed up by going to visit him in prison, without telling Lucas about it, even after Lucas’ Daniel Webster-worthy speech about Dan’s shortcomings as a father and ruthlessness as a human being. Topping it all off, Nathan and Haley got so involved in the nanny business that they didn’t notice little Jimmy nearly drowning in the pool until he was a face-down floater — and Haley told Nathan that she wants a divorce.

I told you it was a good one.

Man, oh, man, where to begin? Probably with Haley’s telling Nathan, “D-I-V-O-R-C-E — find out what it means to me.” Well, anyone should have seen this coming. Keepin’ secrets from the wife — like “Gee, the nanny kissed me and keeps gettin’ naked in front of me” — is bound to find her a little perturbed. But this is Tree Hill, where no one learns ANYthing from his or her mistakes. And of course, the fur is really going to fly when Nathan brings up the whole Chris Keller escapade. (See? Chris Keller’s work is NEVER really done!) I just hope we get to see him again. Maybe Chris Keller and the nanny will get together and Dan Scott will use them to help kidnap his grandson. (Wow, evil. Did I say that?)

Speaking of Dan Scott, we’re left hanging for this week, not knowing whether or not he’s getting out of prison. This could be the turning point — the point at which the maelstrom really starts to spin out of control. Drugs are working their way in, marital infidelity, murderer on parole … the volition is there. They just have to let Dan Scott out to make it all happen.

Then there’s the mention of Lucas’ upcoming wedding. Isn’t THAT going to be a hoot? All of his friends will be there, most likely including Peyton, and there’s sure to be some sort of problem from that angle. Maybe Dan Scott will be there, too, relishing his other son’s crumbling marriage while finding a clever way to toast the newlyweds’ happiness with a simultaneous wish for their failure. In that way, he’s always reliable, that Dan Scott.

Which is more than you can say for Karen or Deb, Lucas’ and Nathan’s moms. Where the H have they been this whole season? Is Lucas really going to get married without mummy knowing about it? She’s supposedly hanging out in Scotland with her and Keith’s son, but jeepers — it’s been a long trip, and Karen will either be shocked to know how much has changed in Tree Hill or how, with all of the drama, things have stayed the same.

Rachel may be the conduit for getting Deb back into the picture. With both of them battling addictions, they could wind up getting along famously. Or they could enable each other to respective ugly ends.

And lastly, how long is it going to take before we figure out that that Owen guy, the bartender, is actually FBI or some such thing? A confessed alcoholic, he works at a BAR. He has the ability not only to revive an OD’d addict, but to assess her medical condition and offer a prognosis. Not exactly the stuff you learn to do in bartending school, though he may have picked up some medical training serving cocktails to doctors and watching “M*A*S*H” or “ER” reruns.

So far, this season has been a bit of a wash. Predictable story lines, repetitive issues with dishonesty, etc., but things just got an uptick for the funny this week. If Dan Scott gets paroled next week, the laugh riot will be set to begin all over again.