Getting Lost: “The Constant” Preview

In last week’s episode, “Eggtown,” we got more questions than answers. Will the same hold true this week in “The Constant”? We’re going to go out on a limb and say, “Um, yeah, probably.”

The previews seem to indicate that the episode will focus on issues dealing with space and time, and their effects on the inhabitants of the island — thus pitting our love of Lost directly against our hatred of science. Which will win out? And who the hell is Minkowski? I have a feeling that, by tomorrow morning, we’ll have answers to both.

Here are the unanswered questions heading into this week’s episode, “The Constant”:

Why is Kate raising Aaron off the island?

According to the Oceanic 6’s story, who is Aaron’s “father”?

Why doesn’t Jack want to see Aaron off the island?

Why does Miles ask Ben for $3.2 million in exchange for telling everyone that Ben is dead?

What happened to the helicopter carrying Frank, Sayid, Desmond and Naomi’s body?

What exactly were Daniel and Charlotte doing with the Dharma playing cards?

What time is it?

Why is Sayid working for Ben?

Who is RG and why are his/her initials engraved on Naomi’s bracelet?

Was Elsa wearing the same bracelet? What’s the connection?

Who is Elsa’s boss (the economist)?

Who was Mr. Avellino?

Who are the people on Ben’s list, and why?

Why can’t Locke find Jacob’s cabin?

Who is Minkowski?

Who is Matthew Abaddon?

Why does Abaddon want Ben captured?

Is Abaddon calling the shots or is he working for someone?

Why did Abaddon choose the members of the freighter team?

In her flashback, Charlotte finds the Hydra symbol and the remains of a polar bear wearing a collar in Tunisia. Um, what’s up with that?

Why did Seth Norris pilot Oceanic 815 instead of Frank?

(This one comes courtesy of Abaddon) “Are they still alive?” (Oh yeah, and who are “they”?)

Who is Ben’s man on the freighter?

How did the fake Oceanic 815 wreckage end up at the bottom of the ocean?

Who are the members of the Oceanic 6? (Confirmed members: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid … and Aaron?)

What has the Oceanic 6 been lying about?

Once off the island, why does Jack need to go back?

When Kate meets Jack at the airport and tells him, “He’s going to be wondering where I am,” who is “he”?

Who was in the coffin during Jack’s flash-forward?

Who is Jacob?

Is Christian Shephard really dead or not? And was that him in Jacob’s cabin?

Is Mikhail (”Patchy”) finally dead for real?

Check back Friday morning for a review of this week’s episode.

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