Gladiator "Days"

O’HearnPosted by RabbitEars

Fans of either, or both, American Gladiators and Days of Our Lives should get a nice treat on March 14 (at 1pm in most markets; check local listings) when Gladiator “Titan” (Mike O’Hearn) guest stars on the venerable daytime drama.

In the episode, Chelsea Brady is getting wasted at a local watering hole, mourning the recent tragedies of the Brady family. Even her grandmother Kate can’t get her to stop! In steps the “strapping” bartender (O’Hearn), who offers Chelsea some coffee to sober up (which would only work in a soap opera), but she refuses him and storms out. When Shawn and Belle show up later, the bartender tells them to get in touch with Kate.

And that’s about it. Even though NBC bills this episode as “exciting,” it doesn’t sound like the bartender gets to throw anyone out of the bar, just quietly helps people out. Maybe he could at least punch out John Black to finally get that guy’s eyebrow to lower? Something? Oh, well.

Of course, maybe four-time Mr. Universe O’Hearn is trying to get some respect as an acRomance covertor, although if his current resume — National Lampoon TV: The Movie, Barbarian, Keeper of Time, and the upcoming Tumblers and Captain Ultimate — doesn’t speak for itself, people just aren’t getting it.

Fans of Days, however, may recognize O’Hearn from a similar arena if they also enjoy the written equivalent of soaps — he is a cover model for Topaz romance novels.


American Gladiators: © NBC Universal, Inc. Credit: Mitchell Haaseth

Book cover: Credit: Topaz Books