Dexter: Oedipus Dex

The CBS airing of the pilot for Dexter was not as bad as many fans suspected it might be, mostly because in this era of CSI and its countless clones, the grisly details don’t seem so grisly anymore. On the other hand, what do you do with those words we must protect the little tykes from hearing (as if they should be watching shows like Dexter at all)? Frickin’ is a pretty good sub for, well, I won’t say what for, and frankly Debs is a bit more likable when she is not so potty mouthed. But then there is Doakes. The menacing man in blue who is almost on to our antihero.

And when he whispers into Dex’s ear, “I’m on to you, mother-lover,” the comment provoked laughter rather than concern. So here is my suggestion to the CBS censors: get your stupid selves to your local video store and pick up a copy of Johnny Dangerously. At least then you will learn how to be CREATIVELY funny, you fargin’ bastages. Or should that be fricken’ – gawd, who knows. Wait, I bet the little tykes do. They heard it on the playground.

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