One Tree Hill: The Slippery Slope Continues 7

Posted by: haro1d

Another storied night on “Peyton Place” — I mean, “One Tree Hill.”

We got to see Lucas’ proposal to Lindsey. Haley flipped out over Peyton’s attachment to Lucas and spent a little too much time at the recording studio. Nanny Carrie got called “mama” by little James for the first time not in a dream sequence; Nanny Carrie smooched her boss and he STILL didn’t fire her. Mouth’s boss got fired for sleeping with pretty much the entire staff, resulting in his not only getting to keep his job but getting promoted to on-camera work. Oh, he also begged for Millicent to give him another chance, and like the too-good girl she is, she did. But mainly, this episode focused on the pain of Peyton letting go of Lucas, even instructing Molly, the girl who now lives in her old room, to paint over the inscription Peyton had left on the door.

People have a tendency to talk about obsessive compulsive disorder without really knowing what that means, in a clinical sense. Correct or not, OCD has developed into a sort of pop-cultural term that connotes a person obsessed, a person with stalker-like tendencies.

If that’s a fair description, then Tree Hill has more than its share of OCD cases. There have been a few: Nicki, the nutjob who came in and out of Tree Hill to stake her claim on the child she had with Jake (and to sleep with as many of the Tree Hill gang as possible while at it); Rachel, the gal who seems to have disappeared, had just enough mania to send herself and that Cooper guy over a bridge in a limo; Deb had just enough to try to kill her husband with arsenic and arson. Then there was that Derek guy who really had it in for Peyton. You could almost add Peyton to the list as well, though she’s at least trying to be stable.

But most recently, it’s been Nanny Carrie’s turn to play the budding, scheming psycho. In last night’s episode, Nathan finally spoke up and told her to give up the flirting — failing to notice that she’s gone past flirting and is simply throwing herself at him. Then there was the liplock incident. I was surprised that Haley didn’t walk in just then. Or little James.

And then there’s Molly, the girl who’s “living vicariously” through Peyton. “I’ve read the book 13 times!” And you’re living in her old house, seemingly with no parents, just like half of the kids in Tree Hill. Until last night, she came across as a timid young girl with a bit of a fascination for all things Peyton. But now, we’re seeing the potential for her to explode into a whole new disorder for Peyton to have to deal with.

And once again, since we’re speaking of psychos in Tree Hill, I have to ask: Where the H in all of this is Dan Scott? (I mean, I know he’s in prison and all, but come on — you’d think he’d have broken out by NOW.)

OCD might be a term misused in the popular culture, but on this show, at least, it’s become synonymous with another commonly turned phrase: plot convenience theater.