Jericho Nuke Notes: Condor

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Jericho Condor Jericho, Season 2, Episode 2: “Condor”

Jake helps Major Beck prepare for a special visitor from the Cheyenne government, while Hawkins continues to work with Chavez to uncover the secrets of this new regime.

Mimi gets to be an accountant for Jennings & Rall. She’s really excited. She loves bar codes! And we’re pretty sure Jennings & Rall is pure evil. Alas, poor Mimi doesn’t have anyone to invite to her wedding, since all of her family is pretty much dead.

Condor is the code name for the president, John Tomarchio, the biggest bird in the West. He’s an over-the-top phony when he gives speeches — he should campaign with Hillary!

Jennings & Rall sent a shipment of new textbooks for the school in Jericho. A New America: A Comprehensive History will give a new point of view to American history. Chapters include: The Decline and Fall of the First Republic 1945-Present, The Failure of the Cuban Missile Crisis: The Lack of Action against the Soviet Union, and Vietnam: The Premature Withdrawal of Troops in 1975. It’s almost as if the Montana Militia were now running the Department of Education.

There are definitely some fascist elements to the Cheyenne government. Freedom of the press is pretty much gone — report on something the government doesn’t like and they’ll yank your credentials, or in the case of our friend from the Modesto Bee, they’ll give you a “heart attack.” They’re also holding a Constitutional Convention in Cheyenne to indoctrinate local government officials. It’s also likely that Cheyenne is constructing a new Death Star, one even more powerful than the first.

We learn that the eastern states (or the “Eastern Bloc” as Condor calls them) were at odds with the West over what the response to the nuclear attack should be. The East didn’t feel too good about nuking North Korea and Iran, so the West declared themselves a separate nation and went ahead and did it on their own. We learn that the Mississippi River is the “Blue Line,” and it has UN peacekeepers up and down it. (And if you cross the Blue Line before the puck does, you’ll be whistled offsides.) So it looks like there is going to be an East vs. West civil war after all. Cool! I’ve been wanting to kick Minnesota’s ass for years.

Jericho’s mayor plans to attend the Constitutional Convention to ask the “tough questions” that he didn’t ask during Condor’s visit to Cheyenne. My guess is that the mayor won’t be coming home from Cheyenne.

Hawkins downloaded some secret data that indicates that the plutonium for one of the nukes was milled in Seversk, meaning that it was an ex-Soviet nuke. The Cheyenne government claimed that the bombs were milled in North Korea. The release of this information would prove that Cheyenne lied about who was behind the attacks. Chavez is heading to Texas to deliver the info before the Lone Star state decides to join with Cheyenne. There was also a secret file on the disk — “Project Boxcar” — that Hawkins wasn’t able to open.

We learn that Major Beck answers directly to Valente. Valente is sending Beck a private military contractor who knows the area. Of course, it’s Ravenwood … led by D.B. Sweeney! This should be fun!

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