10 Items Or Less: Amy Strikes Back

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10 Items Or LessThe G&G crew is enjoying Internet video of Amy from Super Value Mart getting it on with a district regional manager in the employee break room. Leslie scolds his crew for making fun of people, but the video of his high-school (and current) crush in action proves too much for him to resist.

Amy is distraught over being fired. Apparently she signed a morality clause, and having sex with her boss in the break room and having it broadcast to millions somehow violates that clause. Amy realizes that Leslie is her only friend. Suddenly, an assistant manager position has just opened up at the G&G! And there’s no morality clause — Amy can have sex with whoever, whenever and wherever at the G&G!

This doesn’t sit well with the G&G crew. But Leslie reminds everyone that even Darth Vader was nice in the end, and that they should embrace Amy as one of their own. The problem is, Amy doesn’t seem too excited about embracing the “G&G” way. She’s shocked that Leslie would send a customer to a different store to buy a product instead of trying to sell her something she doesn’t want. And she’s horrified that employees eat lunch with managers. Managers shouldn’t consort with the underlings, or the underlings will take advantage of the managers — case in point, Yolanda taking the afternoon off to get a mani/pedi.

Mrs. Brown claims to have found a severed finger in the bin of almonds, and threatens to notify the press, the health department and everyone else she can. Leslie’s all-too-willing to cut the woman a check to silence her, when Amy tells him that this woman is clearly a scam artist. Amy’s right — the finger tastes just like a sausage. Her sham exposed, Mrs. Brown leaves with an ominous oath of revenge. Amy convinces Leslie that with her help, they can build their own grocery empire … and together, they will conquer the grocery galaxy!

Manipulated by the Dark Side, Leslie makes some changes at the G&G. First, he’s wearing a jacket and tie to work now. He announces that the G&G will now be open 24 hours a day! Employees will now work 24-hour shifts! And with all the extra hours employees will log, they’ll be able to buy their own health insurance, not the “institutionalized business” health insurance the company already buys for them!

Robert wants to take two hours off to get some training for a figure-skating audition. It’s his dream to skate for Stars on Ice. Leslie had a dream once, too: He wanted to play triangle in a rock band. But his dream was crushed, and so will be Richard’s.

After a grueling 19 hours of work, the G&G crew cracks. Todd decides it’s time for the oppressed to shake off their yoke and rescue Leslie from the Dark Side. There is still good in him. The crew abducts Leslie and takes him to a secret remote location — Richard’s mom’s garage — to be deprogrammed. But nothing seems to be working. Yolanda tells Leslie that she actually likes him more than she liked his father … and Leslie’s heart melts. He’s saved!

The next morning, Leslie confronts Amy. He refuses to gouge people with ridiculous markups on Mannon Cola. An epic duel of pricing guns ensues — and Leslie stands victorious!

Things at the G&G are back to normal … except that Amy has an ironclad contract with the G&G and can’t be fired until Leslie finds a loophole.

Best Moment: Leslie instructs Carl to take the elderly Mrs. Brown, tie her up with twisty ties and drop her off 30 miles outside of town.

Employee of the Week: Carl, assuming he carried out Leslie’s orders.

Product Placement: Friskies Signature Blend cat food — with seven distinct flavors!

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