Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites, Week 2: He Likes Her! Hey, Mikey!

After quite a bit of bickering and inaction, the Fans eventually get a fire started and a shelter built. Make that two shelters — Tracy, Kathy and Chet build their own shelter after Jason claims a cave for himself. The other seven admire the Tracy/Kathy/Chet shelter, and Tracy helps them construct one of their own, so the Fans are sort of playing nice, but there’s a seven-three split emerging.

Over on the Faves tribe, there’s still the Lovebird alliance, with the Ozzy/Amanda and James/Parvati connections. Ozzy and Amanda both comment to the camera that it’s important to keep their attraction under control and beyond the notice of their tribemates. And then they share nighttime smooches amid their trying-to-sleep tribemates. Cirie’s kept awake by their jungle love, and says she expects to receive birth announcements of Amanda’s little Ozzlets. (If only his name were Ommy — then they could have little Omelets.) She thinks that one couple wouldn’t be much of an issue, but having two couples in an alliance scares her, and she and Jonathan agree that they’d like to dismantle the foursome.

Flirting is also happening on the Fans tribe between Mikey B and Mary (who’s a sucker for ticket-stub tattoos, such as the one on Mikey’s back). Joel is watching and wary, but he says his first priority is keeping the tribe strong, and he thinks Tracy, Chet or Kathy would be the first ones to go.

The challenge involves swimming to tiles that, when smashed, release keys that open locks on a chest that contains pieces to a puzzle. The winning tribe wins immunity, fishing gear, a bamboo fishing boat, and the choice of who from the opposing tribe to send to Exile Island, where there’s an immunity idol hidden.

During the challenge, Ozzy demonstrates that he is still freakishly athletic. Chet is decidedly not. He can’t find his key when it drops in the water, and after his tribemates yell directions to him, they tell him to just get out of the water so someone else can go. He floats on his back and then moves in slow motion toward the shore. I’m not saying I could do any better, but wow, did he look awful out there.

The Faves easily win the challenge and pick Kathy to be exiled. The Faves then have to pick someone from their own tribe to be exiled, too, and they pick Cirie. Kathy and Cirie (whom Kathy loves) work together to search for the idol, swimming back and forth through the ocean several times as they find clue after clue. They find four clues, but apparently not the idol.

Mikey explains to the “in” group of seven on the Fans tribe how he thinks the vote should go — the four guys will vote for Chet and the three women will vote for Tracy, so even if Kathy uses her Day 1 immunity idol for herself and gives Exile Island’s idol to either Chet or Tracy, it’ll still work out. But Joel doesn’t like how Mikey’s starting to run the show as far as who votes for whom, so he hatches a plan to get rid of Mary, Mikey’s strongest ally. Joel talks with Erik and Alexis about this, mentions it to Tracy and Chet, pulls Natalie aside to fill her in, and greets Kathy on her return from Exile Island with, “Don’t ask any questions: Vote. Mary.”

So do the masses follow Joel telling them how to vote, or Mikey telling them how to vote? A bit of both, but, to Mikey’s slack-jawed shock, Mary ends up with the most votes cast against her …

Except (and here’s where my slack-jawed shock comes in): Joel voted for Tracy. So, let me try to get my brain around this … Joel is threatened by Mikey, but instead of voting out Mikey, he tells people to vote out the woman Mikey’s flirting with. And instead of casting his own vote for this woman, Joel votes for the woman that Mikey told the women to vote for. Joel hurts my brain. And scares me a little — it just might be that Fairplay was nowhere near the loose cannon that Joel is.