Getting Lost: “Confirmed Dead” Preview

Last week’s season premiere was everything we hoped it would be after enduring an eight-month hiatus between Seasons 3 and 4.

Now on to our growing list of questions headed into “Confirmed Dead”:

– Who are the “rescuers”?

– Why are they really coming to the island?

– Once off the island, why does Jack need to go back?

– When Kate meets Jack at the airport and tells him, “He’s going to be wondering where I am,” who is “he”?

– Who was in the coffin during Jack’s flash-forward?

– Who is Jacob?

– Is Christian Shephard really dead or not? And was that him in Jacob’s cabin?

– Is Mikhail (“Patchy”) finally dead for real?

– Who are the members of the Oceanic 6? (Confirmed members: Jack, Kate and Hurley)

– What has the Oceanic 6 been lying about?

– Who is Matthew Abaddon (aka the ultra-creepy “lawyer” who visits Hurley)?

– (This one comes courtesy of Mr. Abaddon) “Are they still alive?” (Oh yeah, and who are “they”?)

Check back Friday morning for a review of this week’s episode.