Project Runway Decides To Work For Once

by WindUpDoll

Thank you Bravo for repeating Project Runway ad nauseam. Because of you, I got to see Victorya sack-dress get axed again. I’m sure she’s a nice person, but she annoyed me.

This week, since Project Runway decided to do a show again, we start off with Christian dissing Ricky, who gives himself a motivational speech.

Heidi is in a patterned gold dress that actually makes her look poochie. Bad choice, Heidi. We also see Jillian’s black bra when they shoot the designers from behind. Nice. Heidi once again ducks actually telling them what to do.

Tim comes into the workroom the next morning to take the designers on a field trip. Jillian hopes she doesn’t have to run as she’s in 6-inch heels. They go to the runway auditorium and inside they hear noises. Some think the sounds are violent; others think they’re sex moans. It’s really 6 female wrestlers ‘pounding’ the crap out of them. Chris notes that they’re pulling each other’s hair & says it’s pretty great.

Tim actually crawls under the boxing ring ropes to introduce the girls. Of course, each girl has her ‘persona.’ The designers have to create an outfit for them to wear in the ring. Ricky gets to pick first, and picks the dancer, Latina girl. They’re not going to Mood to shop, but The Spandex House. Sweet.

Chris talks to his diva about creating crazy trannie wear. They’re loving each other. Rami doesn’t think this is the most fashionable challenge, but it’s not about him. That’s very big of you, Rami.

Time to go spandex shopping! I’m thinking someone is going to have an issue sewing this stuff. It’s going to bounce all over the place. The designers get a generous 2 days to put these together. The designers also get videos of their divas to get to know them better.

Rami is draping spandex. He’s draping SPANDEX. It’s so not right, but it’s not about him.

Christian says Sweet P’s fabric looks like trannie ice-cream. She talks about how she doesn’t want this challenge to take her down. She didn’t want the 16-year-old prom girl to take her down either, and she fought through that too.

Chris talks about the fact that some designers aren’t digging this challenge, but he’s happy to do it. He thinks if they were creating these outfits for male wrestlers that there would be a bit more interest in the project.

The interesting thing about this challenge will be the judging. How can fashion folks adequately judge these outfits? I mean, these are for wrestlers. The wrestlers have to like them. But does that make them good fashion? Sweet P’s wrestler wants stars cut out of her butt, and Tim said her outfit ‘needed something.’ Sweet P decides her wrestler name is Spread Eagle. Christian says his is Ferotia Coutura. She sprays hair spray in other girls’ eyes. Sweet.

Tim gives his feedback to the designers. Of course he’s got concerns: Rami’s color choice, Sweet P’s lack of ‘stuff.’ He calls her coat ‘Eva Gabor in Green Acres.’ She’s worried, and unsure of what to do next.

It’s runway show day! The divas enter to get ready. Sweet P needs to add more rhinestones. Ricky’s diva looks a little disappointed. We get the hair & makeup montage. Christian rips on Sweet P some more. Jillian finishes at the last second.

Let’s start the show.

Heidi is in a red glittery cruise ship singer outfit. I think with this challenge, she just gave up. She knows she’ll look good regardless.

Christian’s outfit is all leather & lace. Jillian’s is sporty sexy. Ricky’s is an orange swimsuit. Chris’ is strappy with a touch of green leopard. Sweet P’s is white & glittery. Rami’s is a big pink outfit. Even he thinks it looks like he’s been smoking crack.

Michael Kors starts his comments by saying he feels like the Pope at a sex show. That is a fabulous mental image. Thank you, Michael. At least he’s admitting that he’s totally out of his element instead of trying to put a ‘fashion’ spin on it.

Nina hates the pink of Rami’s outfit. The judges like Christian’s outfit. Heidi admits she’s be scared of Christian’s model in the ring. Now there’s a fight I’d like to see — Heidi vs. Christian’s client.

Sweet P gets slammed for not going far enough. Michael Kors thinks Chris’ outfit looks expensive. There’s a lot of love for his outfit too.

The judges like Ricky’s bathing suit, but it’s too much of a bathing suit & not enough of a wrestler’s outfit. In judging, Michael Kors calls his cover up a disco haircutting smock.

Time to Auf someone. Looks like it’s going to be Sweet P and Ricky in the bottom two.

Jillian is in. The winner is Chris. Hooray! Maria will wear his outfit in the ring. Christian is in. Rami is in. Yep, it’s Sweet P and Ricky left to sweat. This time, it’s Ricky’s turn — he’s out. He doesn’t cry on the runway, and doesn’t in his little end interview, either.

Oh fer crying out loud! Another field trip? Come on! At least Christian and Jillian get snippy with each other.