Getting Lost: "The Beginning Of The End" Review

Lost 0108

Posted by Mike and johnnysweeptheleg

First off, last night’s episode was all kinds of awesome. We find it hard to believe that anyone could possibly feel any differently. Did it answer our questions from yesterday? A few of them. But it made us ask even more. And that’s why we love Lost. Enough about us though. Let’s get on with the recap.

johnnysweeptheleg’s Lost in a moment:

The season opener is just as I hoped it would be. A flash-forward opens, as we see Jack already taking the first step toward his soon-to-be-needing 12 steps, drinking a vodka and OJ while watching Hurley take cops on a morning high speed chase. We know this takes place post island, but pre-Unabomber Jack.

Hurley jumps into the ocean, which causes Desmond and his envy-inducing beard to wash back to shore, where he warns people that the rescue squad may not be who they seem. Y’know, “Not Penny’s Boat” and all.

Once the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 reconvene on the island, this information quickly divides them as those who fear the “rescue squad” will follow Locke to the bunker and those who trust Jack remain with the wreckage.

Back to the future, Hurley’s seeing dead people of the Charlie variety, not Bruce Willis. And creepy people are now paying him visits at the hospital. Thankfully, he hasn’t gone on the Al Roker diet since returning to civilization. Jack stops by to shoot buckets and leaves us with a teaser going into next week. He’s thinking of growing a beard. Oh yeah, and there’s something he did on the island that he doesn’t want Hurley to tell.

Questions Answered:

Who’s coming to the island to “rescue” the survivors? Well, his name is Daniel Faraday. He came by parachute. And he has a beard. That’s about all we know so far.

Where does Locke stand with the rest of the survivors after threatening to shoot Jack to keep him from making “the call”? Well, we found out exactly where he stood with Jack, who returned the favor and took things one step further. Thankfully the gun wasn’t loaded. The other survivors seemed more forgiving though, as roughly half of them chose to go with Locke rather than wait to be “rescued” with Jack.

Is Christian Shephard really dead or not? We still don’t know. But was that him sitting in the rocker inside Jacob’s cabin?

We know Jack and Kate leave the island. Who else does? Who doesn’t? Well, add Hurley to the group who leaves the island. And leave three more spots for the other half of the Oceanic 6. Any guesses as to whom the other three could be? We’re thinking Sawyer, Michael and Walt …

New Questions To Be Asked

Who makes up the rest of the Oceanic 6?

What has the Oceanic 6 been lying about?

Who is Matthew Abaddon (aka the ultra-creepy “lawyer” who visits Hurley)?

(This one comes courtesy of Mr. Abaddon) “Are they still alive?” (Oh yeah, and who are “they”?)

Was that Christian Shephard in Jacob’s cabin?

If you’ve got questions of your own, send them in and we’ll add them to the list. Check back Thursday for a preview of the next episode, “Confirmed Dead.”

Photo Credit: ABC/Mario Perez