Getting Lost: "The Beginning Of The End" Preview

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“The Beginning of the End” Preview

We admit it. Three seasons in, we still don’t “get” Lost. Don’t get us wrong — we love it. We just don’t always understand exactly what’s going on. At least not completely. We probably won’t until the very end. And we have a feeling we’re not alone. Therefore, each Thursday for the next eight weeks, we’ll post the questions we most want answered. If not in that night’s episode, then by the end of the season. Or the series. (Feel free to send us yours, and we’ll add them to the list.) Then, on Friday morning, after we’ve all watched and studied every single minute of the new episode (probably twice), we’ll go back and discuss which answers we were and were not given, along with anything else we find interesting. Or confusing. Or both.

Here’s the list headed into tonight’s Season 4 premiere:

– Who’s coming to the island to “rescue” the survivors?

– Why are they really coming to the island?

– Once off the island, why does Jack need to go back?

– When Kate meets Jack at the airport and tells him, “He’s going to be wondering where I am,” who is “he”?

– Who was in the coffin during Jack’s flash-forward?

– Who’s Jacob?

– Where does Locke stand with the rest of the survivors after threatening to shoot Jack to keep him from making “the call”?

– Is Christian Shephard really dead or not?

– Is Mikhail (“Patchy”) finally dead for real?

– We know Jack and Kate leave the island. Who else does? Who doesn’t?
Check back Friday morning for a review of this week’s episode.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mario Perez