Project Runway: On Garde! Recap

by WindUpDoll

Ooh! Group project! But first, we need to bitch about the last challenge. Of course, Christian is bitching about his client.

Model selection is a little different — they all come out with wacky hair and the designers have to use their wacky hair as inspiration for their garment. Oh, and of course Ricky is the last person to select a model again, getting him all misty. I don’t think he has a full-on cry though, so it doesn’t count in the Ricky Cry Count.

These garments are meant to be avant garde and therefore challenging, so they’ve been paired up to work together, given $350 and two days to put things together.

Christian and Chris are going with circles as a theme and while shopping, they determine that they need 50 yards of organza. Kit and Ricky are using the theme of a bird’s nest, using the girl in Ricky and the bitch in Kit. Rami and Sweet P are calling theirs ‘hard and soft.’ Jillian and Victorya have to flip a coin to determine team leader, and Victorya wins.

Chris and Christian have a huge collar & tons of fabric to worry them. Jillian and Victorya both have time management issues, which is freaking Jillian out. Rami feels like Sweet P is struggling, and Sweet P thinks Rami is freaking out and they’ve got plenty of time.

We’re being teased pretty hard that Tim will have a ‘surprise’ for the designers that invokes nausea. He calls them to gather around. He tells them that the teams have to create a ready-to-wear garment that is inspired off their avant garde look. They get another $50 to spend and a few minutes to caucus, but no extra time to construct anything. The C’s and Kity get ideas quickly and are off. Team Slow Girls are already behind schedule, so are freaking out. One team member goes to Mood to select fabric to bring back. Yeah, that would probably make me want to throw up too.

Models are coming in to get a preliminary fitting. Chris and Christian’s is truly wacky, but looks good so far and Christian does a way gay runway show to celebrate.

Enough celebrating and back to the drama! Rami has given the ready-to-wear outfit to Sweet P, but they’re so not working well together. She’s crying, their model is consoling her, Rami is off sewing. As we go to commercial, Sweet P is hoping they don’t get in a fist fight. I hope they DO get in a fist fight, but that’s just me.

Tim’s asking them to all gather around AGAIN! Do you think they want to kill Tim when he stops them from working on challenges like this? Nathanial Hawkins, lead hair designer for Tressemme. He’s going to translate the hair for ready-to-wear. The winning team will be featured in a Tressemme ad. So we have some boring crap about hair.

Tim likes Chris & Christian’s, but is worried about their ready-to-wear. Tim wants Kit and Ricky’s outfit to be more exuberant. Rami and Sweet P are worrying Tim since he doesn’t think they’re pushing enough. Of course, Tim likes what Jillian and Victorya have, but they just don’t have enough done.

It’s the end of the night and everyone’s all tie-tie. Jillian and Victorya aren’t done, but you wonder how done everyone else is, truly. Chris has his Fred Flintstone shirt on. Let’s go!

The ready-to-wear models come in. From brief looks at the C’s team and Kity’s team, I like what I see. Actually, I like just about everything, but it will be interesting to see how they read on the runway. Everyone’s all set in their avant garde and ready-to-wear finest.

Let’s start the show.

Alberta Ferretti is the guest judge tonight. I just report these things, I have no idea who she is.

I don’t get the pants in Team Bickering Children’s gown. My girlfriend called it the mullet of dresses — party on top, and business underneath. Christian can’t take his eyes off Nina Garcia. Jillian and Victorya’s avant garde look is pretty damn cool.

High scores — The C’s and Team Slow Girls. The C’s go first and Michael Kors calls their avant garde look ‘heaven.’ The judges rave. The judges also rave about Team Slow Girls, and I can see why Bravo didn’t really show us what they were doing until the runway show. It’s quite an impressive jacket.

Low scores — Team Bickering Children. The judges like Sweet P’s ready-to-wear, but not Rami’s avant garde. They discuss how poorly they worked together. Michael reminds them that the best teams work differently together. Kity’s team gets ripped. Their dress is likened to a cheap Scarlett O’Hara. They don’t like their ready-to-wear either.

The judges don’t say much new about the good teams, but they fault Rami for, as they said, throwing Sweet P under a bus. They’re getting bored with his draping. Kity’s work looked completely amateur and cheap.

Winner: The C’s, sorry, Team Fierce! I love that as Victorya won last time & they’re late-running Lucies. Victorya, Jillian, Sweet P and Ricky are in. The bottom two are Rami and Kit. Rami, of course, is in, as he’s by far the stronger of the two. Kit is out, which is too bad, ’cause she’s a good designer.

Next week’s challenge looks like it might be another make something out of crap. Do we really need to recycle ideas already, Project Runway?