OMG! I Think Project Runway Just Asked Me To The Prom! Squeal!

Again, the models of Project Runway have the week off. How crappy it must be to get ‘eliminated’ for a week when you didn’t actually do anything.

Heidi does her usual “Good morning, designers” spiel and instead of the usual models coming onto the runway, a group of gawky teenagers in uniforms come trudging out. Heidi explains that the designers will be working with these teenagers to create their prom dresses. Christian is justifiably horrified at the idea. The other twist for this week is that the girls have gone through the designers’ portfolios and have selected who they will work with, instead of the other way around.

Ok, so if I were 16 again, and God-willing that bit of time travel will never happen, I would totally LOVE that a Project Runway designer was making my prom dress. How did the girls of St. John Vianney in Jersey rank to get such a sweet deal? Was there some sort of essay contest involved?

Chris wonders what poor girl picked him, given the fact that his portfolio is filled of pictures of him in drag. Let me tell you, Chris, my 16-year-old theatre geek self would’ve picked you in a heartbeat. Put viking horns on me — let’s do it!

During this episode, we are also treated to pictures of the current crop of designers at their prom. Hilarious. Kevin is from Jersey & understands the whole Jersey prom scene — tanning beds and all. He promises to put a chastity belt in his creation.

Christian’s client has ‘designed’ before. She took a couple of classes, see, so she knows what she wants, to the point of taking the pencil out of Christian’s hand and starting to sketch something herself. She’s just as confident as he’s been, so their pairing gets interesting. We get to see Christian’s prom picture where he’s looking very Flock of Seagulls to me. He says he won best dressed. He probably felt fierce then, but he’s not feeling fierce now.

Kit was the prom princess at her prom. Ricky’s mom was a seamstress and made all of his sister’s prom dresses. Do I even need to tell you that he cries? This episode is high on the Ricky cry-o-meter.

Sweet P looked very sweet & ’70s at her prom and she lets us know that she’s not going home because she listened to a teenager. Good strategy, Sweet P. She also tells us that she too went to a Catholic high school, so she knows how wild these girls can get. So did I, Sweet P, so did I.

The designers are about halfway through their allotted time when Tim says that he’s going to bring in the clients and their mothers to review what has been done so far. Personally, I would’ve thought dealing with the mothers would’ve been worse than dealing with the teenagers, but some designers are using the mother’s approval as a way to back up their designs and tone down the volume on the hootchie requested by their clients.

Chris asks his client’s mother what she thought of his portfolio, since the whole thing is him in drag. She had no idea it was him, but is laughing hysterically that she didn’t see it. Christian isn’t really talking to his client anymore, and she’s not happy. We may be witness to the first time that someone didn’t completely adore what Christian was creating and give him complete artistic license. It’s good for him, like cough syrup. I must say, in Christian’s defense, that most of his problem was probably his age. He’s only 4 years older than his client, which has got to be weird on some level.

Sweet P laments in the sewing room that she’s feeling really pressured as she’s been in the bottom two so many times. Chris reminds her that he’s actually been voted off the show, in case she needed some perspective on things.

Back in the design room, Kevin decides that he doesn’t want to hem his dress. Why, I’m not really sure. I mean, to me the end of the dress looked fine, but I have no idea what I’m looking at and I don’t have HD. Kevin is reminded by others that the judges are kind of into the whole finishing details thing, but he thinks it’ll be fine.

Ricky tells us that he made his girlfriend’s prom dress. He also states the obvious & says that should’ve been a clue. Oh, Ricky, there are girls among us who are the designated prom dates for the boys who are gay, or haven’t figured out yet are gay. It’s a service; you don’t have to thank us. We already knew.

It’s runway day and all the high school girls come running in! Squeal! Jillian looks like she’s like to wring every little neck she sees just to make the noise stop. Christian’s model keeps trying to walk away from him & get the shoes she wants. He’s trying to finish the dress while she does this. The dress is on her. I would’ve wanted to kill her too at this point.

Let’s start the show.

Man, models, I know from watching America’s Next Top Model that modeling isn’t the cakewalk of a job most think it is, and watching these girls, it shows. They’re stiff & gangly, but most of them look like they’re having fun. Most of the dresses, too, look pretty good, although Rami’s dress just looks like a green version of the silver dress he made in the first challenge.

Kit, Jillian and Chris have been given the pass this week — they’re safe to sew another day. Sweet P and Victorya get the most compliments. Sweet P’s dress is long & elegant while Victorya’s is bright & blue. I love the color of Victorya’s dress, but I hate the ‘no-shape-is-a-shape’ style dress. I mean, I’ve worked my butt off to lose weight & get fit. I don’t want a dress that starts to flare out right under my armpits, and I really wouldn’t have wanted that in high school. But that’s my hang-up.

Kevin gets slammed — his dress isn’t youthful enough & they totally catch the hem thing. They get to Christian & he immediately goes into how difficult his client was. With her standing next to him. Heidi says she actually liked the dress, but now that he’s opened his big mouth Nina calls him on ratting out his client.

Ricky says that the girl inside him would totally wear his dress. Isn’t that sweet? Ricky forgets that he is Latino and would look good in the light pink-peachy color. His pale client, however, looks a little washed out, and he gets called on that. Rami also gets the displeased judges as they tell him his dress is too sophisticated for a prom dress.

When the judges leave, Kevin’s dress is called the $29.95 prom dress. Ouch. That’s harsh. Like getting your prom dress from Deb.

Victorya wins with Sweet P a close second. I’m bummed Sweet P didn’t pull out a win, but I do like the color of Victorya’s dress. Ricky is also in, as is Rami which leaves Kevin & Christian in the bottom 2.

Kevin is slammed for being cheap & unflattering. Christian’s blaming the client is called inexcusable and now his construction is called poor too.

However, this is Project Runway, and cheap is one of the dirtiest C words on the show. Kevin, surprisingly, is out.

Next week, Tim has a special announcement for the designers. This announcement makes Christian want to throw up, and by the looks of the preview, I think we’re in store for another group project. These poor people — and we’re only about halfway to the final Bryant Park runway show…