Dexter: So long Jimmy and Bye Bye Lila

Blog sites are filled with comments – both pro and con – on how Dexter played out this season. I can only say, the predictions I gave weren’t a spoiler because I hadn’t seen the final episodes, but I was right on. Lila – as annoying as Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s little sister Dawn – just had to go. She was ruining his control, and would likely have ruined his life. As for Doakes, would Dex have finished him off if Lila hadn’t conveniently done it for him? I like to think not. I’m sorry he’s gone. It would have been so much more interesting had he killed Lila and gone on the run, another hanger-on for next season’s plotline. So where is Dexter going in Season 3? I suspect that we’ll see LaGuerta still trying to prove that Doakes wasn’t the Bay Harbor Butcher. We’ll see Debs still conflicted about Lundy (maybe even making a trip or two to be with him before the age difference gets just too much and he dumps her) and we’ll see Dexter making plans to marry Rita until she begins to wonder why he isn’t still in NA. We’ll also see Dex way more cautious because if one more body surfaces, Doakes won’t be a killer any more.