Amazing Race: Cherry On Top Of The Sundae That's Already Melted

Michelle & Bex
Graphic Designers

This week gave us a more exciting episode — airport suspense, physically challenging (and possibly dangerous) tasks and teammates hating on each other. That’s the kind of stuff that makes us love Amazing Race!

TK and Rachel came in first last week so they leave the Pit Stop in Vilnius, Lithuania at 1am with $109 for this leg of the race. They must make their way to the airport and fly to Dubrovnik, Croatia, to find the Fort of St. Lawrence. Kynt & Vyxsin leave next followed closely by the other teams. Nicolas & Donald are last, leaving at 1:42am. All the teams are less than an hour apart and headed toward the airport so there is a lot of potential for a change in the order.

Michelle: I sure hope Nicolas & Donald can get ahead, I’m not ready to say goodbye to Grandpa Don yet!
Note: Bex is out on assignment, scouting locations for next season. She will return for the Dec. 23 episode recap.

After a long wait for the ticket counters to open, the teams get tickets on several different flights. Only TK & Rachel and Nicolas & Don get tickets on the earliest flight via Prague. The rest of the teams get tickets via Warsaw but when Azaria & Hendekea arrive at the gate, they realize they have bought business class tickets by mistake. Teams have to fly coach for the race. They rush back and try to get coach seats, but they are sold out. They end up with a later flight via Frankfurt and they get some good news from the ticket agent. The flight to Prague was delayed and the teams on that flight are going to miss their connection.

Michelle: Yikes, all of the different flights had me confused! I couldn’t believe Azaria telling his sister “don’t give me that attitude” — I wouldn’t take that crap from my brother!

TK & Rachel and Nicolas & Don did miss their connection in Prague. They ran through the airport as if they had a chance but it looked like their plane was long gone. TK and Rachel find another flight via Vienna, but they got the last tickets and Nicolas & Don get a later flight via Zagreb.

The second flight out ends up getting to Dubrovnik first and Ronald & Christina are first to the Roadblock. The Roadblock asks “Who has a builders eye?” and requires searching through 1,500 stones to find one of eight that fits in the wall. They get through that quickly and then take a tandem zipline from the roof of the fort across the water to another building.

Michelle: Zipline, ooohh — kind of dangerous, right?! At least it’s more interesting than milking a camel. And the scenery is beautiful.

The Detour is “short & long” or “long & short.” “Short & long” includes rappelling down then scaling a wall and then navigating the long way through town to a plaza. “Long & short” is another zipline, swimming to a boat, rowing the boat then finding the plaza through a shorter route. Ronald & Christina choose “short & long,” closely followed by Nate & Jen. Kynt & Vyxsin choose “long & short.”

Michelle: This Detour had some good quotes: Vyxsin to Kynt as he scaled the wall: “You’re like a little goth action hero,” and Jen to Nate as they attempt to paddle: “I hate you with a passion!” Aww, couples in love!

Ronald & Christina get their clue first, directing them to the Pit Stop. They must take a cab to the stone cross that overlooks the city. Nate & Jen are close behind and the two teams are racing each other for first place. Nate & Jen get a taxi first, but then the driver sees they are wet and refuses to let them in the cab. Ronald & Christina manage to find a driver who doesn’t care if his taxi gets a little damp and they pass them up. Jen has a hysterical breakdown but they eventually get a ride from what looks like some random car they flagged down on the street.

The second flight with TK & Rachel is finally landing at 2:39, over three hours after the first flight. Nicolas & Donald’s flight is next and then Azaria & Hendekea’s, but the time of their arrival isn’t mentioned. Are they close enough together that the brother/sister team has a chance to catch up?

Meanwhile, Ronald & Christina have arrived first at the Pit Stop and won a 12-foot catamaran. Nate & Jen are next but they have used an illegal form of transportation and Phil sends them back to get a taxi. Kynt & Vyxsin arrive in the meantime and snag the No. 2 spot. Nate & Jen are team No. 3.

Back at the Detour, TK & Rachel choose “short & long.” They seem to be well ahead and easily land in fourth place at the Pit Stop. Nicolas & Donald are just getting strapped into their zipline when they see Azaria & Hendekea racing up the fort toward the stone wall Roadblock. Both teams choose “short & long.” Azaria seems like a much better rower than Nicolas, but the lead Nicolas & Donald have is enough to get them to the Pit Stop first. Azari & Hendekea wind up in last place and are Philiminated.

Michelle: I thought for sure that this would be a non-elimination leg; there hasn’t been one yet this season. Although I am usually disappointed when it’s non-elimination — I feel like I’ve been tricked into caring about the outcome of the episode when in the end no one gets cut.

The Amazing Race will be back on Dec. 23 and hopefully teammate Bex will be back to comment so Michelle doesn’t have to continue talking to herself.