Project Runway Gets All Butch in Man ‘O Fashion

I don’t know if Project Runway is trying to appeal to a wider audience, or just trying to vary the challenges a bit, but this episode was a bit of a break from the typical fashion format. Oh, we still had cattiness, we still had sewing, but we also had a little something for the straight guy in the competition. That little something was Tiki Barber.

But first, we learn Jack is HIV positive & see his huge baggie of drugs. Thankfully he currently reports that he’s healthy as a horse. Christian is still a bit stunned from being taken down a peg in the last elimination. I’m sure he still knows he’s fierce.

Heidi tells the designers that they do not need their models this week, and that Tim Gunn is waiting for them at 10 Rockefeller Center. Now Schnell! Ok, she didn’t throw in the schnell, but I sure wish she would have.

It’s at 10 Rockefeller Center that our intrepid designers learn that they will be designing something for Tiki Barber to wear on his current gig on the Today Show. He’s not afraid of color, doesn’t necessarily need a suit, and is notoriously hard to fit. And yes, it does appear that Kevin, the straight guy, is the only person who knows who Tiki Barber is.

As Jack carried Christian into the design room in some kind of sling, the designers are told that their budget is $150. Jack also asks if he can use his shorts to help in designing the pants. Tim says yes, but I have a feeling this will come back & bite Jack, and perhaps other designers as well.

Most of the designers are a bit freaking out as they have little to no menswear experience. For some reason designers start measuring each other, and I’m not quite sure why. They’ve been told that part of Tiki’s problem is that he’s really hard to fit, and he’s going to wear the outfit, so wouldn’t they have given the designers Tiki’s measurements?

While shopping at Mood, Chris asks Tim if Tiki likes hot pants. Kit talks about having styled for TV, so she’s got that advantage. Jack has the Shorts Advantage, although he is generous and shares that with other designers. Instead of just looking at his shorts, Jack takes them off and literally rips them apart to make a pattern. Other designers trace Jack’s shorts as well. We’ll see when that gets to the producers. Not every designer takes advantage of the shorts. Sweet P thinks it might be cheating and steers clear. Chris points out that pants are just 2 big sleeves sewn together.

Lots of designers, with little to no menswear experience, decide they need to go completely bonkers and make a suit. A full suit — dress pants, shirt, jacket, tie and some folks are nuts enough to throw in a vest too. There’s furious pattern making, sewing, and sniping at other designers.

Early on in the process, Tim sends in the male models so that the designers can take measurements. They’re all, well, models and NOT former NFL Football players. I’m thinking this guarantees whatever is sent down the runway will need to be completely redone to actually fit Tiki Barber.

Steven has an epiphany as the models come strolling in. He finally realizes why straight guys think it’s so great to be in a room of half-naked women. Elisa, who’s getting very little screen time this episode, is kind of cute as she doesn’t want to see her model get dressed or undressed.

More furious sewing & meltdowns. Tim Gunn then gathers everyone around to meet a special guest. In walks Ginny Barber — Tiki’s wife. She’s Asian. Christian says Asians are fierce. No one is surprised that Tiki’s wife is giving the outfits a look-see to give her approval.

Ginny expresses concern about Carmen’s outfit. Her jacket is described as a little too Members Only. And Christian got ripped last week for being too ’80s. The ’80s theme actually continues during the commercial break as they play the VISA commercial featuring Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit.”

It’s the day of the runway show. The designers have 4 hours to get ready — two of which are designated for hair & makeup. Maybe I’m naive, but do male models really need two hours for hair & makeup?

This lineup is varying shades of disaster: Ricky is having his model sew buttons, Sweet P’s shirt has a huge neck and tiny shoulders, Carmen doesn’t make a shirt at all.

Let’s start the show.

There are a few successes. Jillian manages to make a full suit despite never having constructed menswear. Jack puts together a striped shirt/pant combo and Kit makes a sportcoat out of fleece.

In the end, Carmen, Jack, Kit, Sweet P, Kevin and Ricky have the highest and lowest scores. Everyone else is a definite in. It’s time for designers to defend their work.

Michael Kors tells Kit that if her jacket wasn’t fleece, he’d be asleep. He also tells Carmen the fit of her pants is insane and for a Boogie Nights star.

First, Kevin is spared, and then Jack is announced as a winner. Tiki will be wearing his outfit on the Today show and presumably not looking like an idiot.

One by one others are spared until we’re down to Carmen and Ricky. It’s poorly constructed & not finished versus poorly constructed and boring. Surprisingly, poorly constructed and boring gets another chance. Carmen gets Heidi’s Auf Wiedersehen. Which means Ricky starts to cry. Again. I believe we’re at 4 on the cry count.

So what will happen next week? We had a tease of perhaps another group challenge, but what about Jack tracing his shorts? You can’t tell me the producers are going to let that go….


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