ANTM: The Girls Go On Go-See Adventures Recap

Do I even need to tell you that this recap contains spoilers? Do I? It’s a recap, people. Recaps tell you what happened during an episode. Therefore, I shan’t be leaving details out, like who got kicked off the show. That said, here we go.

Once again, we begin with Heather being down on herself for the previous week’s performance. Jenah is also down on herself, as she got the dreaded “personality” note. As in: “You’re a great model, but you need to work on your personality.” Great, that’s helpful, and so easily changeable.

TyraMail! Do I even need to tell you that when we’ve got 5 girls left, it’s the go-see challenge. We’re not re-inventing the wheel here, people. For that, you’ll need to cut over to America’s Most Smartest Model.

The go-see challenge, for those of you not playing the home game, is the challenge where the girls are given a portfolio and a map with 5 designers marked on it. They’ve got to go, go, go and see these designers and get back to a certain location at a certain time. This is not new, and you would think the models would realize the biggest thing about this challenge is getting back by the designated time. You would think that by Cycle 9, girls would be there by 6pm on the dot, ’cause they’ve seen the meltdowns (Brittany, although it was her cabby’s fault. Totally.) and girls just getting disqualified for showing up late.

The models do get a translator to go with them, but the translator will not help them find their locations. The translator just sits in the car. Which I find a little weird, although it seems like all of the designers speak English, but I sure wouldn’t assume that they do.

It’s at this point in the episode that I notice that Saleisha seems to be turning into a spaz. Or, at least, the editing is beginning to show Saleisha’s spastic nature. We get that juxtaposed with designers telling her that she comes off a bit dull in her go-sees. Fun! Other than that, Saleisha, Bianca and Chantal do fine getting to & conversing with designers. There is a bit of back-stabbing and snarky cattiness among those 3. Saleisha doesn’t tell Bianca that her next designer is in the same building. Bianca thinks Saleisha is sucking up to the designer. Chantal then thinks Saleisha is sucking up to the designer. I think we’re being set-up for a catfight next week. ‘Bout time. I don’t think we’ve had a real one since the clip-show episode.

During the go-see challenge, we also see that Chantal wore the wrong kind of undies. Whoops! Jenah is all, like, I don’t care, they like me, or they don’t. Whoops. Heather is lost, and she finds the Chinese to be all Greek to her. Double whoops.

While most girls get to at least 3 designers, Heather only manages to find one. One. Ouch. She does actually try to ask folks for help, so it’s not like she completely founders around, but she only finds one designer.

Then it’s the race back to the meeting point. Saleisha and Bianca make it, and then they wait. And wait. According to Bianca, the NY girl, Shanghai traffic is even crazier than NY’s. Jenah is next when she arrives 15 minutes late. Chantal follows shortly behind at 20 minutes late.

And then they all wait, for another 20 minutes when Heather finally arrives. She’s a total of 40 minutes late. Again, ouch. She apparently lost her cab in addition to 4 of the designers. Both Jenah and Chantal see her walking around trying to find her cab. Neither one offers her a lift. I can understand that the other girls aren’t responsible for Heather, I’m a bit surprised that no one offers to squeeze her into their cab.

So, that means it’s Bianca vs. Saleisha for the prize. The girls head off to dinner and, surprise! It’s our friend/designer/whatever, I don’t remember, from the go-sees, here to announce the winner of the challenge. If the girls just stand up, they will see a floating billboard that will have the winner’s picture on an ad for the Beijing Olympics. In English. Whatever. The winner is Bianca!

Moving on to the photo shoot — Tyra Mail! This Chinese takeout menu says something about “Lions” and “Pride.” Hmmmm. Do the girls know it’s time for the ethnic shoot? You know, the one where America’s Next Top Model finds a lot of “locals” and sticks them in the background. The girls must be fierce to stand out in the crowd. We soon discover that the models won’t be dealing with live lions, since we’re in Asia and all, but those cute as a button Asian dragon-lion superhuge puppets. They’re adorable lions with big Snuffalupagus eyes. Blink. Blink.

Apparently in this shoot there’s a ton of down time as Bianca is show braiding Sutan’s (one of the makeup guys) hair. Jenah also has time to get all snarky with Nigel. Hey, it worked for CariDee. Apparently also it’s really buggy as there’s this rushing/chirping noise in some of the shots that I assume is lots of really noisy bugs.

So during the shoot Saleisha is confident, Bianca is worried about getting wrinkles and forgetting to smile with her eyes, Jenah is concerned because she realizes she needs to impress Nigel. And then I see Chantal. I don’t even remember how Chantal did because I was noticing how weird the clothing is for this shoot. She’s got on an Asian dress, and then she’s got a leather biker jacket over it. I love the 80s too, but the combo is just weird. Heather, once again, can’t let go of her bad performances of late. Jenah rips on Heather for not ‘working’ her dress, but it didn’t look that different to me from the one she was wearing.

We need to eliminate one so that there will only be 4 girls still in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model. This time, all the girls have to pack, as the 4 still in the running are going to Beijing next. So at panel:

  • Chantal gets ripped for the pink undies
  • Bianca forgot her face
  • Jenah needs to watch her sarcasm and looked messy to the designers
  • Saleisha tried lots of different things and Tyra saw ‘edgy’ in her
  • Heather needs a Top Model ass kicking according to Miss Jay

Saleisha is called first, followed by Bianca, Chantal, Jenah and Heather. Heather is going home. The girl who won Cover Girl’s Top Model of the Week every week is going home. Personally, I was in shock, but it’s understandable. And now with Heather gone, it seems like the girls are ready to turn their venom on each other.

There’s only 2 episodes left. Who will be eliminated next?