Dexter: Let The Endgame Begin!

One of the interesting things about humans is how incredibly stupid even the smartest ones can be. In the Nov. 18 episode, it was Doakes’ turn to be an idiot — in his case due to pride and anger. Walking out of a meeting with FBI Agent Lundy. Breaking into Dexter’s home and, instead of calling 911 when he finds the mother lode of incriminating evidence, he steals it instead. And puts it in his CAR for the FBI to discover. So now he is suspect numero uno but that still didn’t stop him from putting a bullet in Dexter’s leg.

It seems logical that the last three (only three … ah, the sadness of it!) episodes will be shot, a la 24, in nearly real time, since Dexter has Doakes in a lock up and a whole lot of body parts and cocaine (and Doakes) to dispose of.

And then there’s the lascivious Lila. Where will she figure in? Might she have followed Dex to his current killing room? Might she want to match her monster with his, and prove she is as twisted as he is? If she does, there’s a glowering victim at the ready. If she does, she’ll break the Code of Harry. And what a deliciously bloody ending that would be.

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