Dexter: The Skank vs. Debs

Dexter has always been something of an innocent when it comes to understanding the non-homicidal urges of the human species. In episode 7, he falls into clinging Lila’s trap completely. Matter of fact, he was so obviously clueless that it was depressing to just sit down and write about how completely she had him wrapped around her pale and beautiful little finger, torching her apartment so he have to leave Rita and the kids and go and hold her scrawny smoke-covered body. So depressing, as a matter of fact, that I couldn’t write about it. But what a difference a week makes!

Yes, Lila had Dexter where she wanted him, but not Debs. From the moment the two women meet late at night in Dexter’s kitchen (Lila, naked and lit by the open refrigerator, covers her chest and says, “pardon my tits”) it’s clear that war has been declared.

“I’m Switzerland,” Dex says as the two women spar as around the edge of a full-blown catfight (I’d put my money on Debs), then goes off to do what he does best — taking a chainsaw to the man who killed his mother. If only Lila was this easy a fix.

Maybe she is.

Happily for those of us who expect Dexter to be smart rather than moonstruck, he notices that there are multiple starting points for the fire in Lila’s apartment. He also realizes that the man who killed his mother, and later attacked him, was put up to it by the lovely Lila herself.

“That woman is a vampire,” Debs tells him. “No one can look that pale in Miami.” He’s beginning to agree and, when he realizes that Lila is threatening Rita and (worse!) her children, he gives her a glimpse of the monster in him. Whether she’ll be smart enough to recognize its power remains to be seen.

Then, of course, while Dexter is juggling a kill, a woman he’d like to kill and a family whose good graces he’d like to court, Doakes breaks into his house and discovers his slide collection.

The weeks seem far too long; between episodes the only consolation for those impatient to see how the cat-and-mouse game plays out is that the series was done filming before the writers’ strike — and that, with a series that has given Showtime its highest ratings ever, Dexter will certainly be around for a season three.

But how he escapes the clutches of Lila, Doakes and Lundy — that’s where the fun lies!

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