Amazing Race: Please, Lord, Give Me Milk

The remaining teams leave from the Pit Stop at Durgedam. We learn that Ronald has developed a hernia as he was driving the bakfiets. The doctor tells him, “I reduced the swelling by pushing back the tissue into your abdomen.”

Bex: Somehow, I don’t feel too sorry for him.

The first to leave the Pit Stop are Lorena & Jason. They are to go to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and go to the train station to find their next clue.

Bex: It was fun trying to count how many different ways the teams pronounced Ouagadougou.

We find out a bit more about the teams as they make their way to the airport. Jason says of Lorena, “She does get stressed out a lot. It reminds me of the movie The Exorcist — her head spinning around. Argh!” Team Bimbo (Shana & Jennifer) proclaims they do not look as good as they want to, and Team Eyebrow (Kynt & Vyxsin) do not really worry about gender issues. Grandpa (Donald), who will be 69 in a few months, is letting it all hang out.

Bex: We saw that last week, Grandpa.

The teams arrive at the airport, but Nathan & Jennifer get on an earlier flight than the rest of the teams. The other teams begin to freak out.

Michelle: Why are they freaking out so much? Only one team got on the earlier flight. If they are all stuck on the plane, no one has a chance to get ahead.

Both planes meet up in Paris, and all teams get on the only flight to Ouagadougou. Nathan & Jennifer are oh so happy to see the other teams. “Glad you made it,” Jennifer says to all the other teams as they board. All teams arrive in Ouagadougou and barter to get cabs to the train station.

Michelle: I’m hearing French spoken, but someone also said “Gracias.” I Googled Burkina Faso and the official language is French, so the Blondes are on the right track. Isn’t it awesome that you can find the official language of a country in seconds — remember when you had to find an encyclopedia to look up that stuff up?

When the teams arrive at the train station, they find the clue is to take a train to Bingo, disembark and look for the next clue. The train station is closed for the evening, so all teams must wait until morning. Some of the teams hang outside and do a little dancing. Grandpa is totally enjoying himself, flirting with the girls.

Michelle: I love that Grandpa Don is checking out the brunette sisters instead of the more obvious choice of ogling the blondes.

Bex: God love Grandpa! He is a feisty one.

The next morning, all teams board the train to Bingo. Team Bimbo thinks this is the appropriate time to play Ugly Americans, poking fun at the locals and the countryside.

Michelle: Yikes, the Blondes are not making any fans out of us viewers! Their mocking of the body odor of the African people on the train is painful to watch.

Bex: I wouldn’t expect anything but from them.

The train makes its way to Bingo and all teams depart there. The next clue is a Road Block. The challenge is to milk a camel and drink the milk. Some teams have no problem with the challenge, but some teams go ballistic. TK is the first to finish.

Michelle: TK’s description of drinking the camel milk totally grossed me out! Grainy, sweet and warm — ewww! I can’t drink milk that’s been left out of the fridge for more than a few minutes.

Bex: When I saw what the challenge was, I knew I would have to take this one if we were on the race.

Michelle: Good quote from Lorena, “Please Lord, give me milk.”

Bex: I loved when Jennifer said to Nathan, “Nathan, you have to be gentle. You’re handling nipples.”

After finishing the milking, the teams then must lead 4 camels down a marked trail to the next clue. It is a Detour, “Teach It” or “Learn It.” In “Teach It” the teams must teach a grade school kid 10 English words. In “Learn It” the team must learn 10 Möre words. Möre is the primary African language of the region.

Bex: I don’t know why, but about this time of this episode, I kinda lost interest. So I will summarize as such:

Lorena screaming at the camels. Azaria and Hendekea are team number one. Marianna and Julia are eliminated.

Michelle: Overall this episode wasn’t that exciting — the challenges seemed kind of easy (except to Lorena). There was no risk of death at all! Hopefully, there will be more action next week.