Survivor: China: Week 9 Recap: Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Frosti!

The majority of this episode wasn’t all that exciting for me. The high points of the first half:

* Now that overbearing Jean-Robert is out of the picture, Peih-Gee senses that the tribe’s need to be irritated is going unfulfilled, so she steps into the void by micromanaging and by picking a fight with James regarding his lack of effort in the reward challenge. James responds in his James-like way — gruff, yet with peculiar word choice: “Every time you bring something up, I will quickly blast you back and make you look quite silly.”

* On the reward for winning the challenge, the team of Erik, Frosti, Amanda and Courtney cruise down a river and enjoy the scenery, a good meal and each other’s company. Frosti and Courtney continue their flirting (Courtney pets Frosti like a dog; Frosti rubs Courtney’s back as she chants “I love my Frosti”), and Amanda is impressed with Erik’s personality and his ability to make a most excellent bleating noise.

* This week and last, there’s often a blur over Amanda’s butt. Presumably it’s to shield the American public from seeing too much Amanda skin, but my husband is speculating that she actually has some forbidden image or wording there. I’m not all that comfortable with the thought of my husband pondering another woman’s butt, but I admit that this game (titled “WHAT’S ON AMANDA’S BUTT?” for what my husband yelled up the stairs to me) is fun to play when the episode isn’t all that exciting. (Does her butt have a tattoo with an obscenity? A brand logo? An inflammatory anti-war statement? The copyright-protected words and music to “Happy Birthday”? It’s a game you can play anywhere!)

So after watching the show for a little more than half an hour, I thought, “As intriguing as Peih-Gee’s self-destruction, Erik’s goat impersonation and Amanda’s butt are, there had better be a twist thrown into this episode.”

And so there was. The contestants are given the option to eat burgers and fries instead of participating in the immunity challenge, and James, Courtney, Todd and Denise choose to do this. With the aid of her razor-sharp memory and the fact that half her opponents didn’t participate, Peih-Gee (who earlier called herself “the most losingest Survivor left in this game”) wins immunity, and the others have to decide whether to kick out Frosti or Erik.

Frosti makes a pitch to Todd, saying that Erik is dangerously nice (he left out the part about Erik’s killer bleating sound), but Todd is more nervous about Frosti being a strong competitor. So the gang decides to vote out Frosti …

Or they’ll vote out Courtney if she says she can’t bear to part with her Frosti-dog …

But she can. And does. So Frosti is voted out, mostly by people whose breath still smells of cheeseburgers (in the case of James, seven cheeseburgers).

And then there’s another twist! Jeff says the Survivors won’t be heading back to camp, as there’s more business to attend to! But since America has to tend to the business of Thanksgiving next week (when, it appears, we’ll be treated to this season’s leftovers via a recap episode), we’ll have to wait two weeks for this cliffhanger to play out.

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