“My Name Is Earl”: Randy In Charge (…Of Our Days And Our Nights)

Better late than never with the Earl recap, I guess. With this week’s lackluster episode, maybe never was the better idea.

“Randy In Charge (…Of Our Days And Our Nights)” finds Earl called to the warden’s office to assist him with the Scared Straight program. Earl will get five weeks knocked off his sentence if he organizes a group of prisoners to attend a school and scare kids.

Randy, as we know, is not the best prison guard, and Earl is constantly bailing Randy out of trouble. Earl decides that Randy should be the guard for their Scared Straight visit, and they audition other prisoners. Frank, Scooby and Bob make the cut. The warden decides that the Scared Straight program should have a green theme to it — you know, wedge a bunch of environmentally friendly messages into the story even though they don’t fit (nice comment on the well-meaning but very annoying Green Is Universal Week on NBC).

Earl begins to think that Randy isn’t cut out for prison guard duty, and Randy takes offense, thinking that Earl just can’t stand to see Randy in a position of authority over him. So Randy decides to make life rough for Earl in prison, calling a “code pink” on him, messing up his meals and eventually preventing Earl from participating in the Scared Straight program with the other inmates.

The Scared Straight program goes so well, Randy decides to stop and take the prisoners out for ice cream. So while Scooby and Bob go in to get the ice cream, Frank escapes. The warden is furious, and gives Randy and Earl 46 hours to find Frank without alerting anyone that there’s an escaped fugitive on the loose … and to be continued.

Meanwhile, Joy’s half-sister Liberty and Ray Ray have a lot of rules for Joy while she carries their surrogate child. Joy is two-weeks past due and is eager to induce, but Liberty forbids it. So Joy decides she’s going to try other means of inducing, like playing Steppenwolf loudly into her uterus, jumping on a trampoline and squatting for a long time. Joy finally decides she’s had enough, and shows up at a clinic demanding to be induced.

What We Learned

Remember: Be scared, stay straight.

Not Jail: Women 🙂
Jail: Lonely Men 🙁

Five and a half hours is five hours longer than any human should squat.

Wisdom From Randy: Wakey wakey, hands off penis.

Crab Man Chronicles: Darnell believes that the moon landing is a hoax, citing shadows from divergent sources in the video.

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