Warning: Dancing With The Stars May Be Hazardous To Your — And Your Parents’ — Health


If you ever a) get famous, b) get slightly less famous and c) are then recruited for Dancing With The Stars, you may want to ask your mom and dad first. Especially if you are several decades past the point of having to ask your mom and dad first.

See, first Jane Seymour’s DWTS-loving mom passed away the day after a performance show.

Then Jane herself came down with a raging case of food poisoning.

Theeeeen Marie Osmond passed out cold during a performance show.

(Then Sabrina Bryan got eliminated, which seems to have struck everyone on Earth but me as an equal tragedy.)

And today Marie’s dad passed away, also the day after another performance show.

Is it just me, or is this season kind of turning into a G-rated, primetime version of The Ring?

Calling all moms and dads of the remaining contenders: Call me superstitious, but you may want to turn off the TV on Monday and Tuesday nights and just let the kids tell you all about what went down when they got down.

You probably wouldn’t like their outfits, anyway.

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