Dexter Gets HOT As Harry’s Tangled Web Unweaves

For a man who claims that he does not understand sex, our hero gets plenty of it in Episode 6 — aptly titled “Dex, Lies and Videotape.”

Dex has been lying to Rita, having not told her that he took a road trip with his sexy sponsor. He’s been lying to Lila, not telling her what he is really addicted to. AND, he’s apparently been deluding himself by believing that the voyage into the darkness of his soul would not affect his facade.

This is the episode where Hall proves time and again how much he owns his character — the tense face-off with Doakes after he finds the sergeant rummaging through his office, the moment he comes unglued with Lila and reveals his true feelings (er, lust) for her, and his encounter with the copycat Bay Harbor Butcher.

But there is much more in this episode than Dex losing his cool. There’s the nagging problem of good dad Harry, who Dex is coming to believe might have trained him for the day Dex would avenge the death of his mother. Worse, after learning that Harry and his mother were probably having an affair, his feelings for Harry are conflicted, and if his respect for Harry dies, what will Dex have left?

But there’s one final clue to his own past Dexter has not looked into — the fact that Harry may have adopted Dex because Dex was, in fact, Harry’s biological son.

We can only hope that the other killer, the dreaded writers strike, does not interfere with the twisted path to recovery that our hero is on.

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